Sony sends 80 million petals erupting from a volcano into a quiet Costa Rican village!

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Sony has become famous for iconic marketing campaigns. Not simply because of the stunning visual impact of its ads, but the fact that the stunts involved are actually REAL.

We’ve become so accustomed to elaborate CGI and fancy graphics in advertising that the impact of these campaigns gets diluted in the wash of footage from brands scrabbling to release the next cinematic style masterpiece. So when Sony first sent thousands of coloured bouncing balls cascading through the streets of San Francisco back in 2005, the marketing world hailed the commercial as a landmark event in advertising.

The tech giant followed up the success of Bouncing Balls a year later by exploding 70 thousand litres of paint over a housing estate in Glasgow, in one of my favourite ads of all time. Could the video have been made in CGI? Yes, of course, and it would probably have looked 10 times better and cost half the amount of money, but what made the spot so effective was the fact that the ad agency pulled it off in real life, using 1,700 detonators and spending the best part of a week cleaning the paint up afterwards. The story goes beyond the 60-seconds of final footage, to encompass the entire making of the video, setting it apart from any ad that could have been created in a computer studio.

This week, Sony has continued the theme, teaming up with McCann London to create another visual masterpiece. Four Times the Detail shows stunning footage of over 8 million flower petals erupting from a volcano in Costa Rica, sending waves of colour to engulf a nearby village. As expected, the result is a thing of beauty, intended to demonstrate the impressive clarity of the new 4K TV screens. There’s also a fun behind the scenes video showing exactly how the magic happened.

Also trending… Nike debuts the LeBron James Training Day ad, following the basketball legend putting his fans through their paces on an epic sporting mission; M&S has officially launched its Christmas campaign, becoming the first festive ad to make it into our top-10 run down this year; and Skype has unveiled a moving tribute to a life long friendship with The Born Friends Family Portrait.

UGC Viral Trends:Over in the UGC listings, Jimmy Kimmel is at it again, playing more cruel tricks on the children of America and topping our list of most shared YouTube videos this week with a re-hash of last year’s Halloween candy prank. What happens when parents tell their kids they ate all the Halloween candy? Well, the same thing that happened last time, but it’s still pretty funny.

In at number two, the Fine brothers’ latest installment in the ‘Kids React’ series looks at the attitudes of children to gay marriage and the recent spate of online proposal videos that have been going viral recently.

Also trending… Miley Cyrus battles Joan of Arc in another epic rap battle; the Slow Mo Guys take down an entire building in their most epic explosion fest to date; and Glasgow city council put on a rather ‘interesting’ fireworks display, (ok, this is actually faked, but still worth a watch – nice little viral stunt from The Poke!).Squeak of the Week: Grumpy meets Grumpy - So, it looks like Grumpy Cat took a holiday… to Disney Land!

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