What can advertisers learn from Christmas viral video trends?

The team behind the Viral Video Chart examine the latest trending videos and look at what it takes to become a web smash.

Viral insight data collated using TubeRank, the viral planning tool from VAN.

Marketers seem to be promoting Christmas earlier and earlier every year, with over 50% of retailers launching their festive campaigns in the first two weeks of November.

As the holiday season slowly creeps up on us, advertisers wait patiently to see what tinsel filled gems will grace our screens in 2013. But the question that agencies should be concerning themselves with is, “what makes for a memorable ad?”

Let’s face it, Christmas campaigns can often be a clichéd pile of stereotypes; packed full of frantic shopping sprees, perfect dinner parties, fake snow and sparkles. Finding a fresh angle amongst this well trodden path can be difficult. There’s no secret formula for yuletide marketing success but there are a few key ingredients that can help a campaign on its way to capturing that coveted seasonal magic.

We used VAN’s viral planning tool, TubeRank, to look at the key festive trends in the UGC video sphere and analyse the most popular ads from Christmases past.

You can download the full viral insight report HERE.