What's Trending: Clucking eggcellent virals from LG and Mercedes-Benz

The team behind the Viral Video Chart examine the latest trending videos and look at what it takes to become a web smash.

Mercedes-Benz and LG have both gone for a very similar approach to one another this week: harnessing the awesome power of the king of stability, the chicken. The special feature of the chickens exploited in these adverts is something called the ‘vestibulo ocular reflex’- meaning their necks are long, bendy and s-shaped so he-chicken or she-chicken can bob around with their heads in one place. This keeps the chicken’s field of vision stable so they can see Mr Fox before he runs off into the woods with them. Pretty clever.

LG’s chicken of choice helps to demonstrate the newest addition to their family of phones: ‘Optical Image Stabilisation’. The ad shows the touching relationship between a man and his hen, Izzy, who wears a little camera on her head as he chucks her off cliffs and similar, in turn making her a star!

Mercedes-Benz’s ad promotes its ‘Magic Body Control’, as part of its ‘Intelligent Drive’. Without knowing what any of those words mean, and without even a glimpse of a car or sniff of petrol, Mercedes-Benz gets their new feature across in a cute, funny way. Maybe a side to the big car brand we haven’t seen before.In the social media cock-fight, Mercedes-Benz is laying into LG, with tweets and Facebook shares combined equalling ten-fold what LG have achieved. Bit of a cock-a-doodle don’t for LG.

More controversially, a lady has resigned in spectacular viral fashion. Dancing to Kanye West’s ‘Gone’ she throws moves all over her ex-office before breaking the news to her former employer. Unfortunately, her choreography has been tainted- the company has posted a reply. Did I mention that this company specialise in making their videos and then making them go viral? Who else smells a PR stunt?

To finish, I thought I'd share what the fox actually says. Enjoy!

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