BBDO and Foot Locker harness the power of celebrity endorsements in new viral ad campaign

The team behind the Viral Video Chart examine the latest trending videos and look at what it takes to become a web smash.

Foot Locker has been going all out with the celebrity endorsed ads recently and this week the sporting retailer has topped the Viral Chart with the third in a trilogy of videos featuring a group of top NBA All-Stars.

The three ad spots are part of the new ‘Approved’ campaign from New York based creative agency, BBDO, which focus on the ridiculous lengths the players will go to in an attempt to keep their sports gear fresh. Featuring big names like James Harden, Stephen Curry and Carmelo Anthony, the three videos have already clocked up nearly 10 million views and counting between them.

Content featuring well loved celebrities always tends to have a definite advantage when it comes to viral sharing. Not only do famous faces help attract views and shares, but endorsements often influence fans to start following and engaging with the brands involved. Advertisers are increasingly seeking to leverage the social media followers of celebrities to attract new customers and turn them into brand ambassadors and Foot Locker certainly isn’t shy about associating itself with big sporting names.

As part of the integrated media campaign which rolled out across broadcast, print, and digital channels earlier this month, sports fans can also connect with the NBA athletes, share photos and engage in conversations via Twitter by using the #Approved hashtag. The campaign went viral last week and became a trending topic on Twitter when likes of Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony spread the word.

Elsewhere in the listings: Samsung is rocking the viral power of cute babies in a new campaign advertising the Motion Sync vacuum. Created by London based ad agency, The Viral Factory, the video features a vigilante baby on a crime-stopping mission to apprehend a speeding vacuum cleaner. Using the tagline: Easy to move, hard to catch, the video manages to cram in just about every speeding car case movie cliché imaginable, complete with a stick on detective tash for the mini policeman wannabe. It’s pretty fun, and with over 3000 shares since it was released just 2 days ago it looks like the interweb’s love affair with bouncing bundles of joy is still going strong.

Also worth checking out in the Brand Chart; Nokia test the myth that carrots help you see in the dark with an amusing little ad spot to promote the low light level performance of the new Lumia 925; Coca-Cola has commissioned a catchy little stop motion animation to celebrate happiness; and Samsung has teamed up with old school skate legend, Richy Carrasco, to release the first in a series of video stories showcased using the Galaxy S4 camera.Moving over to the UGC Viral Chart: Do you remember those hearing tests they used to give you in school, when you had to listen to a load of different tones and slide a bead along a string every time your heard a noise? Back in those days your spritely younger selves probably had what ever the equivalent of 20-20 vision is for ears.But do you wonder how the years of loud concerts and rampant headphone use may have damaged your precious little ear drums? Well, top of the UGC listings this week with nearly 5 million views is a fascinating little test from AsapSCIENCE that will allow you to see exactly how your hearing compares to the average person your age.

Also trending this week; Kid President chats with Beyonce in honour of World Humanitarian Day; Vsauce looks at all the reasons why humans get bored; and the PBS Idea channel has released an awesome video explaining exactly why cats have so much power over the internet. (If you haven’t watched this one yet, apparently there is an actual virus that can effect humans and make them unnaturally fascinated by cats – true story!)For all of the chart news and the full run down of the most shared online videos this week, check out The Drum Viral Video Chart, powered VAN, or follow @JoinVan to stay up to date with the latest industry news and YouTube gossip.Join the Viral Chart mailing list for weekly updates on top trending videos!

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