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Buzz the Judges: Podcasting still has power in social media


By Craig McGill, Digital Strategist

August 5, 2013 | 4 min read

Last week, there was a bit of buzz around Ewan Spence's article on the Power of Podcasting as he spoke about his work at the Edinburgh Fringe Festivals and Eurovision Song Contest so we thought we would ask some of the Social Buzz Judges (just two weeks left to enter) what they thought of podcasting. What made it even more timely was Ed Gamble and Ray Peacock saying podcasting has a place but newbies should look to YouTube instead.

So what do the judges think?

James Whatley

Podcasts are great. I've recently got back into mine again and I'm really enjoying them. There's a few I listen to from the BBC and also a couple from the US too (eg: This American Life).

To my mind, there'll always be a place for the content people consume, whether it's uber-popular content from huge media houses – like the aforementioned British Broadcasting Corporation - or something a touch more esoteric, like The Voicemail (a weekly podcast about mobile technology featuring yours truly – #plug) which you'll find populating 'the long tail' of online media.

The last time I answered one of these things I talked about how passion is one of the key drivers behind social media. Podcasts are nothing if not the passion of a story-teller manifested in audio form.

In short: yes I still listen to them, and yes there is still very much a place for them in the online space.

Paul Armstrong

As I said in one of my latest newsletters research suggests they are not stealing masses amounts of time from other activities and instead are filling "dead time". Could/should podcasts be a part of your content arsenal? As always... it depends.

DO: Think about podcasts as part of your longterm engagement/awareness strategy. Evaluate if you have the resources and the content that works well with an audio/video product. Research, test and be honest with yourself on time/resources - you could waste a lot of time and money if your community doesn't want them. Perhaps try an MVP strategy?

DON'T: Think podcasts are more hassle than they are worth - there is large revenue potential and thought-leadership status to be had if executed correctly. Also think beyond audio, the research also shows video podcasts are gaining momentum as mobile bandwidth improves.

(Thanks to the judges. Would be remiss of us to not point out this cracking list of podcasts seen on The Verge.)


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