How to get started in Social Media...


By Craig McGill | Digital Strategist

July 31, 2013 | 4 min read

Every week, we're asking the Social Buzz Award judges (less than three weeks to get an entry in) a question about social media. This week we asked them how they got started in social media and what advice they would give others...

James Whatley

Nick Jones

Back in 1992 I was snowed-in at Princeton and spent a day in as basement computer lab discovering Gopher – a predecessor of the web. The connectedness of knowledge blew me away. There was I in one country reading documents from a university back in Europe.

Tip: Ignore the crowd and follow your nose – your curiosity will lead you to opportunity

Paul Armstrong

Why? I got into the space somewhat by osmosis - my background in psychology meant I tended to ask "why" an awful lot which marries nicely with the constant change and need for focus in the constantly fluctuating digital arena. I find it's the most useful question in most scenarios.

Tip: Don't "do" everything. This doesn't mean be a specialist but it does mean don't stretch yourself too thin. Use what platforms work and leave the rest alone. By all means trial them and understand them but use what works for you and leave the rest. No-one ever got a job worth having because they were on every platform - they get jobs because they understand how they work and how things fit together.

James Whatley

I started off life working in the mobile start up space and social/digital happened around me. I was drawn to mobile technology as it was a passion of mine, and if anything drives participation in social / digital media, it's passion. When I found like-minded individuals who also wanted to change the world through the power of communications and creative technology, then my choice was already made.

One tip I'd give? Know why you want to. What is it that drives you? What is it that makes you want to choose this career over all others. Know that through and through and then let that guide you.


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