Dadaism and Data

By Kathy Heslop

May 7, 2013 | 2 min read

My leap from space back to cyberspace always was going to be a surreal one. However, without being fantastical, DADAISM does exist in the e-commerce and data industries. In several formats:

DADA is actually the acronym for Data Analysis Decision Action. Something we do every day at Ve.

Then there’s ‘Dataists,’ modern day seers, who indentify facts hidden within noisy observational data.

And finally there’s Dadaist spin, when facts can get distorted in the digital narrative.

The key is in finding sophisticated data insights and inserting them into a feedback loop, both at client and development level. Another Ve routine. Once data is unpacked, analysed and externalised, not only are we contributing to the infinite stream of the stuff 'out there,’ but more importantly, we can start to really understand the symbiosis and connections between the evolving social, behavioural and technological aspects of our clients’ customers’ lives.

And that’s when the real artists then come in – our solution development team at VeLabs.

Ta DaDa!


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