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Resignation Mec UK

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…or a mightily pissed off ex-employee of MEC London

By Peter Seabrook-Harris | Sales Guru

September 28, 2012 | 4 min read

The explosive resignation email of account manager Kieran Allan at MEC has been viewed by thousands across the internet and has even been adapted into a Downfall video, such was the attention it received. Peter Seabrook-Harris, regional sales director at Pearl & Dean, remembers being in a similar position and how he went about leaving his job.

Well, following that explosive viral email half the world is now aware of the apparently despicable [redacted] and his alledged exploits but it poses a number of questions.

First of all it does rather put a great onus on the aggrieved party to be honest legal truthful and decent in what they say as people will immediately make their own conclusions.

It’s a bit like a marital bust up where you naturally side with a mate (as I did recently) only to later discover he’d been an absolute bounder.

As with the nature of these things we are probably unlikely to see a response from the accused himself which will probably be viewed as tacit admission of guilt on all counts m’lud though he will probably be barred from adding to the debate even if he wanted to.

Kieran will have no doubt felt a huge surge of personal satisfaction as he hit that send button that fateful day but I wonder if the aftermath will in any way make up for his undoubted sense of anger as, never mind burning his bridges, he’s well and truly nuked them surely as one agency chum reflected.

On the other hand if he told it as it truly was I could imagine he has a high degree of integrity worth giving him a chance of redemption.

The age of digital means that deeply personal stuff no longer stays vaguely within the agency walls etc and can indeed go global as this one literally did.

I remember a number of times in the pre-email age writing a stroppy letter (usually after a good lunch) and my secretary would know to hold it till the next day before posting it when I would more often than not maybe adjust its tone or merely tear it up after a little reflection. With email it just goes and that’s it.

I was in a similar position some years ago – my married boss (and former chum) sleeping with a member of staff half his age - with me caught in the crossfire when I made my feelings clear. I then got blamed when the relationship fell apart and I professionally suffered big time with my career put in reverse.

I didn’t write a fax / letter back then – I just got another job and proved my self worth and yes I did have the last laugh as my former boss floundered until he left the business.

In all honesty I can't make my mind up who has been humiliated the most here - the man who cannot be named, Saint Kieran or indeed maybe MEC. Bridges will certainly need rebuilding by all parties here if they are all to move on.

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Resignation Mec UK

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