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Social Property after you die?

Studied art and fashion design at Manchester then Westminster University. In the past 15 years Colin has been part of the buying team at Burberry, an Angel Investor, corporate film and TV producer, and for the last 6 years has run his own digital agency. An online social adoptee from 2005. He’s an exhibited artist.

Have you got a record of all your passwords for all your networks? Who will have access to them when you die? Do you place them in an envelope to be revealed by the Executor of your will? Have you even considered it?

The social community is all "a-buzz" about the latest trend in social networks - ones that keep sending out preplanned messages to your loved ones (and friends) long after you die - a way to cash in on people with one foot in the grave, a morbid opportunist who thinks that grandchildren will be amused by inappropriate jokes or a way to elongate your time on this planet? Whatever your thoughts, they exist - the latest to hit the headlines:

Are you joining up?