The Corporate App Explosion


By Nick Gill, executive creative director

April 20, 2012 | 3 min read

Nicholas Gill from London Creative discusses the growth of corporate apps in the business world.

Recent data shows that 22% of business tech buyers bought iPads across Q2 of 2012, bringing with it a new demand for business apps.

We’ve seen the use of corporate apps steadily rising, and it’s changing the way companies compete. The big names are reaping the rewards of going digital, tackling conferences and pitches with tablets and custom business apps.

Corporate apps offer a range of benefits, focussing on speed, ease of use and creating standards for business across the world.

As a company working in the digital and advertising industries, I believe the app will be the device for business going forward. They’re fast, adaptable, mobile - you can place an order 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. It’s a business revolution in the making.

Many are finding that once you go digital, there’s no looking back. For entire industries then, utilising custom apps quickly becomes an integral part of building strong, lasting customer relationships.

The corporate software market is rocketing upwards and adapting rapidly as it goes.

The demand for digital, and in particular apps is extraordinary, and although the market can seem saturated with people who can provide these sorts of things, as with everything – you get what you pay for.

Firms are whole-heartedly adopting the app-revolution, some even bulk-buying upwards of 1,000 iPads to distribute to executives and the sales-force on the ground. This phenomenal uptake has been driving business towards the digital team at London Creative, and it’s proving to be a serious growth area for the company.

The pen and paper has been left for dust, with apps offering a wealth of features to aid businesses. A presentation to a client can now include a digital portfolio of the range, as well as useful tools to calculate delivery costs.

The market has seen an explosion, and what we personally are seeing is a transfer of traditional forms of business media into a digital, mobile format. Companies are after a high-end product which they can put their faith in, and we’ve risen to the challenge.

Based on the growth trends the industry is seeing, the market for moving into apps is going to be unstoppable. The success stories are a catalyst for change, working with the drive for digital and pushing the boundaries of business.


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