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Email and the path to conversion

A selection of Experian experts give their views on all things marketing and big data. From data strategy to sophisticated segmentation. Follow them on @ExperianMkt_UK

As digital marketers, we are continually looking for ways to improve conversion. Web analytics tools like Omniture and Coremetrics are great at showing us how visitors move through our websites. We can identify through simple funnel analysis where our leakage points are and then make site improvements to address them and so improve conversion.

At this point though these visitors are often ‘faceless’ , but by using data and tracking from your email channel you can add a little colour which will help the construction of a plan for MVT (multi variate testing) to reduce leakage.

This colour is supplied from the segmentation of your customer database or from any segmentation used when acquiring an email list for acquisition. You will already have tagged each individual email campaign, so now it is simply a case of adding a unique identifier for each customer or prospect segment. Now as well as seeing the funnel analysis for the email campaign as a whole, you will have a funnel for each segment.

This insight can be crucial to refining either your targeting or actions to improve conversion on your site. A good example might be that you have identified a drop in conversion that you assume is a negative reaction to a product or a site change. However, your email segmentation analysis shows you that there is a particular segment that is responsible for the drop in conversion; this segment has a high propensity to browse online and then purchase through another channel. So it turns out that the leakage issue you identified was in fact leakage to another channel and therefore not a problem, but a multichannel/cross channel opportunity.

None of what I am suggesting here is particularly new or complicated, but this simple piece of analysis is often not utilised. Many people are not integrating the power of offline and online analytics and insight. As the business is likely to have made a significant investment in building customer segments or identifying prospect segments, the application of this insight through email in your web analytics can drive further value from that investment.

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