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Disruptive shopper marketing installations of the month


By The Drum Team | Editorial

March 15, 2012 | 5 min read

Beccy Radwell, senior account manager at MARS\Y&R looks at some of the most disruptive activations the agency has seen this month.

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Every month, MARS\Y&R conducts its own review of the best in-store activity across a selection of European grocers.

This month, we’ve drawn up our list of activations that we’ve identified as “most disruptive.” They might not always be pretty, but they sure do grab the shoppers’ attention.

First off is a stonking Nutella display in Auchan, Italy. It’s brilliantly positioned in the entrance with no way of shoppers missing it. So even if they came in with no thought of buying the product, it’s top of mind as soon as they come in. We’re loving the header card. While it might be basic, if our Italian is good enough, it looks like a prize draw for a giant pot of Nutella with each purchase of two standard size pots. Might be time to take a trip back out to Italy to get our hands on one!

Next up is a disruptive Ajax display in Poland’s Real supermarket. In an aisle that’s usually pretty plain and where many of the products essentially do the same job, it’s refreshing to see this colourful floral shelf hanger that accentuate the brand’s values of fragrance, freshness and cleanliness around the home.

We stay in Real Poland for Coke’s Euro 2012 activation. Placed towards the back of the store next to the deli, a popular Polish destination, there’s no way shoppers can miss this massive statement in Coca-Cola’s iconic red. It’s designed to appeal to mums in the run up to this global sporting event, so that she can communicate the excitement at home to all the family. Cleverly positioned, even when shoppers are moving from aisle to aisle, the size of the installation means it remains visible throughout much of the store.

Our next stop off is back in the UK with where we look at Tesco’s “Price Drop.” Regardless of what you think of Tesco’s strategy, and many view it as highly flawed and a key contributor to its current woes, there’s no denying this in-store activity is highly visible. A trolley filled with typical weekly grocery items is placed strategically at the store entrance clearly communicating Tesco’s price advantage. It also serves as an effective reminder of items that should be on a shopping list but which people entering the store might have forgotten. We say nice work Tesco and a great way of validating the consumers’ choice.

Back to Poland for an unusual SC Johnson bundle with a range of household products. Everything from floor cleaner to Toilet Duck to air freshener. Nicely positioned as one stop spring clean package it sits in the centre of the cleaning products category which generally sees little disruptive activity of this kind.

We finish our short review with a return to the UK and everyone’s favourite crisp brand, Walkers. This FSDU supports Walkers “What’s the flavour” cash prize on pack promotion. Placed strategically at high footfall areas near the tills, in this instance by the tea and coffee category, it means shoppers can quickly buy on impulse and pop a few packs in their trolley as they pass by.


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