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By Alistair Marr

February 10, 2012 | 3 min read

If you are still reading this then I’ve won the bet with my business partner, who suggested that nobody would read a blog about Accountancy and Finance in the website for creatives.

If you read it till the end of the article (no more than 90 minutes I promise!) then I will be really impressed. Over time I hope to pen some articles which might help your business, or even some that you will find interesting. I have been involved in the Creative industries as well as other sectors for many years and, through this experience, I’ve picked up many interesting little tips and snippets........ although I would hasten to add that the principles of business are no different for creatives than many other businesses.

We are now in week three of the new year and the resolutions are now being forgotten. The “I won’t drink for the whole of January has been replaced by glasses of Pinot Grigio or Pinot Noir, depending on your preference and the gym visits are becoming less and less frequent.

What better time to look at your business’s New Year resolutions. Have you set any? If so what are they? What are you going to do to make your business more profitable and successful this year than last?

My own objective for this year is to spend time developing my business – to spend time on the business rather than in it. Last year I spent time in hospital and in recuperation and as a result I didn’t devote enough time to business development. Incidentally I have discovered that you can’t think strategy in a hospital in the first few days of recovery. Morphine induced strategies tend not to be acceptable in the cold light of day.

Currently we are in the midst of tax return season in our business. It’s clear that people are stretched and are not enjoying on average greater incomes than last year. It’s also clear that many have not saved for the tax bill due in just a few days time. Times are challenging for everyone. I think it’s appropriate that next week I will focus on cash. Without it you can’t survive business or personally yet often business owners and employees don’t think about the effects of it until it’s too late.


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