Harry Redknapp Trial Tax

Redknapp: Cheating Fat Cat Or Sly Underdog?


By Dan Grech, Marketing Consultant

February 8, 2012 | 2 min read

So today Harry Redknapp was cleared, in the eyes of the law, of his recent tax evasion allegations. Whether it was his crocodile tears, expensive solicitors or actual "justice" that swayed it for him, I for one am happy. Without getting into a football discussion as a seldom England fan, our country's only gleaming hope to potentially ever win anything other than a qualifying game (at least in my life time) has to be in this man's hands? Following dangerously close in Terry Venables footsteps, tax evasion convictions would have exempt Harry from a managerial position leading the England football squad..

Is it wrong to have double standards with these matters? I scold with hate at Vodafone and Arcadia bosses walking free from tax bills, but what will their future gain ever do for me? Will they ever champion a major (sporting) event that brings the country, friends and family together?

Perhaps I'm just thinking sympathetically that one mans lone battle against the country rather than a Multinational's is easer to empathise with? I suppose if it was Katie Price or John Terry going down I probably wouldn't be so supportive.

Harry Redknapp Trial Tax

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