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His Nibs: Rennie's Record Revolution targets politics

By His Nibs

January 10, 2012 | 2 min read

In the latest entry by The Drum's anonymous blogger, revealing news from within Scotland's media and business it wouldn't want you to hear, His Nibs assesses the shock changes at Media Scotland.

Allan Rennie’s revolution at the Record and Sunday Mail has, as first predicted here way back in mid December, centred on the executive suite.

But has the new boss bitten off more than he can chew?

It’s thought that by sacrificing four high earners, who’ve been told their jobs are under threat, the company could hope to save around £500,000 annually. This would include salaries, pensions, expenses, etc.

There’s only one potential problem. It could take an even greater sum to remove the quartet, whose names have been reported as Derek Stuart Brown, Bob Caldwell , Tom Hamilton and James Traynor.

It’s thought all have 12-month notice periods in their contracts and when you add it all up it comes to a pretty penny. And it would have to be paid upfront.

That’s not the kind of hard cash Media Scotland will want to part with in a hurry, especially in the current economic climate. So perhaps an alternative approach will be needed. Watch this space.

However, the revolution rolls on regardless and it would appear that, money matters aside, a major change of political emphasis could be on the cards for the Record.

By coincidence, the possible departure of Tom Hamilton would help facilitate this fairly monumental move.

The Record has always been a staunch Labour supporter, with little time for other parties, including the SNP. But the general feeling down on the Clydeside is that the Nats are in power, are doing OK and shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand.

So stand by for a more balanced approach. Labour isn’t being ditched but the SNP will receive considerably more respect.

And this is where Tom Hamilton fits into the jigsaw. He is noted for being close to Labour. He is also one of the paper’s main leader writers. If he goes the door could be left open for an SNP-minded replacement.


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