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Twitter is a Game Changer for small business


By Mark Shaw

January 5, 2012 | 3 min read

Twitter is a game changer for small businesses

I was speaking to my good friend @RobinRobson yesterday and as usual we got onto the subjects of Twitter, small businesses, corporates, banks, retailers, UK economy and supermarkets ripping us off… it was a long call….Within that call, I made the statement to Robin that I have always and continue to believe that Twitter is a game changer for small businesses.

So why do I say That? Traditional marketing ie radio, tv, billboards, newspaper etc… is all about who has the biggest and deepest pockets. Whoever can pay for more air time, more seconds at the Superbowl, more tv advert time will usually win the game. So in the traditional marketing sense its all about how much of a marketing budget you have.

With Twitter however it has nothing to do with marketing budget. You can each have the same type of account, with access to the same type of information. So it has nothing to do with money. What it has to do with is how you approach things, and here is where small businesses can massively gain over their goliath adversaries.

Most corporates dont get Twitter and will probably never get Twitter. They have totally the wrong approach and have their heads firmly wrapped around the ROI question. This means that for the vast majority of large companies they will miss out on the greatest marketing opportunity of all time and they sit round their boardroom tableS discussing for years what is the return of investment of doing social media.

And that is where small businesses can gain a massive advantage. They are quick, nimble, agile, can get going quickly, and most importantly don’t usually have a finance director that wants 5 years of evidence to prove that social media is worth doing. Small business cannot compete on price or marketing spend, if they try they will sadly lose. So small business needs to think and act and market themselves differently. And that is where Twitter is priceless.

Mark Shaw is an Author, speaker and a champion of small businesses harnessing Twitter to crush the big boys. Mark has been using Twitter for over 3.5 years, has approx 15,500 followers, & has been on radio, published in the media and given talks all throughout the UK in his capacity as a Twitter expert. You can follow Mark on Twitter…


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