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iOS platform gives early noughties' games a rebirth.


By Dan Grech, Marketing Consultant

December 19, 2011 | 2 min read

Present any casual gaming fan with a copy of GTA3 and a PS2 this Christmas and expect to be met with some confusion. However, take this cutting-edge game (and other popular games from the early noughties), develop them for a hand-held device that approximately 100 million people already own and the response might be different. 15th December, Rockstar Games Inc. re-released their number 1 selling video game of 2001 to mark its ten year anniversary.

At present, Grand Theft Auto is currently in the top 10 paid app charts in Ireland, Australia, Belgium and Switzerland but is failing to beat the likes of The Sims, Pro Evolution Soccer and even TETRIS in UK and US charts. Angry Birds continues to dominate charts and has remained number one since 2009.

Other classic PC games include Duke Nukem 3D and DOOM have been re-developed for the iOS platform. Would we enjoy Call Of Duty and Halo on our mobile handsets in 2021? Do these games that play massively on social interaction have the same longevity as prior ground-breaking games that didn't rely on multiplayer interaction?

Were Rockstar games wise to not re-develop Grand Theft Auto without popular multiplayer capability to encourage communities to adopt the game, or is this a downfall of their relaunch?

For the average of £1.99 a pop i'm certainly not complaining about being transported back to my teen years whilst commuting to work.



Entertainment Marketing: Movies, TV, Music and Gaming IOS

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