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All change - the web comes to Facebook

The grey-haired bloke in the picture is the Director of Digital Strategy at Origin Creative who explores ways in which brands can become more social-centric in their approach to digital communications. He likes to think he knows what he’s on about…and his clients seem to agree. Which is nice.


Some really interesting changes were announced at Facebook today which really lay down the gauntlet.

Google+ introduced a new, slick way (via circles) of managing one of Facebook's most challenging aspect, noise. We've all joined with gusto, dozens, if not hundreds of Pages and have hundreds of friends, yet they are all vying for a slim bit of space on our walls for our attention.

Google+ presented a simple way of consuming news from different friends, making life easier. Users reported higher levels of engagement and interaction than they had experienced on several long-established networks and many claimed that they had achieved a level of followers in just 2 months that had taken them years to acquire. It was clean, simple and effective.

But would the general public adopt Google+? Does the general public want to, having invested so much time in Facebook, really want to leave to join one which is largely, a white wall with a few comments and familiar faces on it?

And, it looks like today will be the day we find out as Facebook integrates even MORE of our everyday web services into our Facebook experience. With issues of noise and friend management ironed out with subscriptions and friend lists, we now have major lifestyle/entertainment brands like Spotify, Netflix, Nike +, right here in our Facebook streams - all in a better, cleaner, more structured order.

With Deals/Places expected to happen shortly, it seems that Facebook may have just managed in bringing the web to it.

Here's some of the latest images, Facebook have supplied, and sign up here!

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