China Relocation Set Up

Top 10 tips for Love


By Ben Weldon, Creative Director

July 6, 2011 | 2 min read

Manchester based agency Love Creative are thinking of opening an office in Shanghai, well guys, here’s my to 10 tips for setting up here.

10. Hurry up

9. Get used to never drinking ale, eating pies, or listening to good live music

8. Get used to drinking fancy cocktails, eating incredibly spicy meals and listening to unknown French DJ’s

7. Practise business card technique until you can double hand 100 a night like it’s normal

6. Get a shit hot tax accountant (about £700 a month for a good one)

5. Renovate! There is a ton of dangers with this too, but renovations are silly cheap, you can turn a low rent box into a über trendy studio, with an indoor lawn and everything!

4. Get juniors designers in early, they take a long time to flower, but are inexpensive while you wait

3. Forget about enjoying the internet, this is not an emotion you can afford to harbor

2. Find your self some Hong Kong or Singaporean management, they understand the UK and China (good ones are not cheap)

1. Get to know the city first, you don’t want to end up with an office on a road that taxi drivers have never heard of, doesn’t matter how cool it is, your clients and staff will never want to come again. Or worse still, Sherpa’s can’t find you.

See you when you get here!

China Relocation Set Up

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