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By Colin Gilchrist, Digital Strategy Planner

June 23, 2011 | 2 min read

The Importance of a Blog for your Business

Ok – so millions of articles have been written on this subject already (Blogs, I mean not free sheep);here’s a couple of facts:

- 55% more traffic goes to a business online if they have a blog connected to their website (US Hubspot)

– 1 or 2 posts a week is the plateau required to achieve that traffic

– You own it (as much as you do your website).Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube could go the way of Bebo or Myspace, they are less in your control.

– The articles you write on your blog are there for life – PPC investment although useful immediately disappears.

– The most successful ones are written by the business not out-sourced to a PR or nameless “Ghost-Writer” – and by people throughout the business – yup from the CEO to the shop floor – makes the task a lot more manageable anyway!

Example – I started The Social Tailor (as a hobby) 9 months ago; I add an article most days, sometimes 2 – the traffic goes up to 3,000 a day – why? Because I don’t yabber on about social media but Fashion, Retail and Marketing – I have fun with it, pose serious opinion, court celebrity, invite articles and press releases and what’s happening? I’m getting more work than ever before, I’m getting people giving me stock to talk about, I’m getting calls from people I respect and look up to, who ask my opinion – I have to be honest, I’m considering registering it as a separate business.

You might ask why I write about Fashion – after an Art Foundation course in Manchester I studied Fashion design in London and ended up being part of the Burberry team that chose the stock for the Scottish stores when Rose Marie Bravo joined as CEO.

I’ve discovered if you want your blog to stand out you need to write passionately about what you know in connection with your business but from an angle no one else is (or very few) are using. Whether it’s in the title, the content or just your approach!

As for the free sheep…

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