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Some unsung Legends of Social Media


By Colin Gilchrist | Digital Strategy Planner

May 17, 2011 | 3 min read

I’ve been working in the delivery of social media strategies for about 5 years and figured it was about time to highlight one or two individuals that I think deserve some recognition; unsung heroes if you like – known to a select few because they slog it out for companies and do little to promote themselves other than be recognised by their peers.

I must confess, these are not “Friends” but people I have met face to face and have watched their progress in this field.

My top 10 includes:

1. Ewan McIntosh

For his amazing work with the SNP in this election and an unswerving focus on the benefits to education

2. Mike Coulter

For his work with a large legal firm and one of the biggest / best advertising agencies

3. Barry Dewar

For “head-down” focus on what his clients want and delivers (it’s been a while great to have you back)

4. Kyle Murdoch

For his loyalty to Fatbuzz and the great work they produce

5. Andrew Burnett

For wearing a woolly hat in the summer… a brilliant knowledge of Digg and so much more

6. Mike McGrail

Just for being the Social Penguin (cat out of the bag…)

7. Kelly Forbes

Her knowledge of social media analytics knows no bounds

8. Gordon McIntyre-Kemp

For being yellow… a very early champion that completely focuses on results

9. Craig McGill

For being a soap dodging… for doing his utmost to help, share and deliver

10. Annie Boyd

For adding glamour, a sensitive tone with a great sense of humour that knows how to read people.

There will of course be people that I have missed and I could go on about one of my pseudonyms @socialtailor but the point to this list is really to highlight some great people that deserve a pat on the back and an opportunity for me to share without their knowledge, their requests or an agenda.

George Best the Legend

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