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You may not have met Patrick yet, but you’ve probably heard him. The boisterous Canadian has come to our shores after an interesting career in ‘The Great White North’. He started out working for the largest rock station in Canada, working on-air first as the morning drive chaps’ lackey, then as an afternoon drive on-air promotional personality. This is where the engagement bug bit him.

Kate Howe, chief executive of Gyro UK

Here we go again. As I wrote a few months back, sponsors are certainly showing a lack of bottle when it comes to sponsoring athletes. My latest (mild) outrage is hinged to the press releases dropping of Wayne Rooney by Coca-Cola as ‘spokesperson’ for the brand. To some degree, maybe I can understand why: the kid is a ticking time-bomb and you never know what’s next, but it’s the timing I find strange.

As early as 2010, Mr. Rooney was hit with a major scandal when he was caught shacking up with a local ‘lady of the night’. He followed up with the quote: “My life is in ruins…I’ve been so stupid. Coleen won’t forgive me this time. She will leave me.” The key statement here is “this time”. This is a chap who has been in the spotlight with many troubles and points of ‘interest’ over the years; so I ask why Coca-Cola, why release these press releases now? Why have you done this on the back of a swearing incident outrage? Are you suggesting that swearing is worse than spending time with prostitutes and cheating on your pregnant wife? Or is Coca-Cola using this incident to highlight their Olympic involvement and distance from Rooney?

Like I said, maybe Coca-Cola saw the writing on the wall, but ultimately they have known for a while that Mr. Rooney is not the cleanest of characters. But I find it a bit sickening that they decided to release this press release now, somehow showing their ‘holier than thou’ attitude.

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