Best Worst Sponsorship Ever?

You may not have met Patrick yet, but you’ve probably heard him. The boisterous Canadian has come to our shores after an interesting career in ‘The Great White North’. He started out working for the largest rock station in Canada, working on-air first as the morning drive chaps’ lackey, then as an afternoon drive on-air promotional personality. This is where the engagement bug bit him.

This could easily be the best and the worst sponsorship in history. How can that happen you ask? Well let me tell you a little tale about one particular Olympic sponsor.

Visa is a 2012 Olympic Sponsor

Imagine if you had a brand, a very powerful brand, and it had no competitors what-so-ever. A true and powerful monopoly, no one to get in your way, not one organisation. If you ran this brand would you tell people about it? Would you let them know that you have this monopoly? Well one company has this power and they have failed to tell… well… nobody.

The company in question, Visa. Some of you may not realize, but you need to have a Visa card to buy tickets for the Olympics. That’s right, if you do not have a Visa card, no tickets for you. If you check you wallet now, and you want to attend an Olympic event, you better have a Visa card in there.

You would also imagine that Visa would be shouting from the rooftops to tell you this, but they are not. Not once has I walked through a train station or seen an advert on the telly. Not once when I have pulled cash out of the hole in the wall or entered my bank. Not once has Visa told me this. Well my friends, I am telling you today.

How cool is it that they hold this monopoly, and how lame is it that they have ignored the opportunity to land thousands and thousands of more customers on the back of this brilliant coup. It goes to show you that the big boys bottle sponsorship like many other organizations. So don’t feel too bad football club shirt sponsors, even Visa can bottle a brilliant sports sponsorship.

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