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Social Media Cultural Impact on Business


By Colin Gilchrist, Digital Strategy Planner

January 24, 2011 | 3 min read

I don’t want to drone on about what I do for a living but there is one element that keeps cropping up that I wanted to share.

How much do you love the culture of your business? Do you know the goals that have been laid out for the business to achieve in 2011? Hell, do you even know everyone in the business – and could you be saving £500 a year because if you car shared with that girl in HR (who lives round the corner but you’ve never crossed paths…). Don’t you want something that creates a need or want by your staff to learn more about what is happening throughout the business and the desire to share its successes? As an aside giving it a significant increase in SEO activity and global brand awareness but also drives emotion about the business internally.

One of the social media strategies I apply is the adoption by everyone in the business of some form of social media – whether it’s writing a blog which sometimes mentions the business but occasionally has pictures of holidays; using Twitter to get those free Muffins from the cafe on the corner – and occasionally mention a company product that they love; using Facebook to update the company page but also “Like” it as an individual… hopefully you’re starting to get the picture. The point is this activity is not central to the main strategy but plays an important part of the support and promotion of the brand and ultimately shares the culture of the company. The adoption of this process is very gradual but the momentum soon gathers pace. What is really interesting to watch is the change in character of those that embrace it and the slow change to the culture of the business – it becomes a better place to work.


This post was prompted by a piece by Michael Gass and his Fuel Lines Blog, entitled:“Something for the 34% of Ad Agencies That Have No Blog.

The image above is Grant who wrote the book on Culture within a business and how to manipulate or grow it to the benefit of the business and employees – the image links to his Ning site.

Social Media Culture Business

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