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Low marketing budget? Here's why audio ads have crucial ROI



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October 5, 2022 | 5 min read

With Q4 just around the corner, brands are getting ready to launch their marketing and ad campaigns in anticipation of the holiday season

However, budget cuts and resource reallocation are leading internal topics for many firms, given the current state of the market. As a result, cost-effective and efficient solutions will be in a position to make big plays.

Audio ads, like those provided by AudioMob, comfortably fall into that bracket, stationing themselves as a dominating ad medium and enabling advertisers to not miss out on arguably the most important quarter of the year.

Staying relevant and present

Difficulties in the global economy precipitate the need to restructure brands' spending, but is it effective? The idea that budget cuts could save or help in the long run for brands and companies can have an adverse effect when considering that the overall goal of advertising is to gain results and increase revenue. Without investing in cost-effective channels, you can significantly reduce the volume of your voice in the market, fatally missing out on driving impact on your consumers. This becomes particularly concerning during the holiday season when audiences shop and spend more than ever.

In-game audio ads are an innovative form of advertising that can help reach highly engaged mass audiences at an affordable cost. This format is budget friendly and can go live quickly (compared to traditional advertising). Audio ads integrate easily into mobile games, where game developers are eager to team up and place non-intrusive adverts into their games. While understanding that resource reallocation in times of financial strain is primordial, one must ask whether the traditional, more expensive channels’ reach and effectiveness are actually powerful enough to overhaul the now-restrained quarterly spend.

By aiming to stay in the field of view of your audience, brands can leverage audio ads in mobile games for their campaigns to achieve as much maximum output as possible. Essentially, more bang for your buck.

How brands can stand out with audio

In an age where content and ads are thrown left and right, staying relevant is more important than ever. Building brand recall in your audiences is necessary to avoid being forgotten and to stay ahead of the competition. Budgeting may seem like a safe choice at first glance, but by not being present, brands can lose more than gain. Audio ads deliver strong messages that resonate in the listeners' minds to keep your brand relevant - crucial when consumers have to choose between purchasing your product or service versus another. No matter what, the most memorable and favourable brand will be the top choice.

The audio ad format allows advertisers to cut through the noise of a busy holiday season. With many large holiday campaigns running during Q4, a clear and unique audio ad stands out and strongly impacts audiences. Jingles are one type of audio advertising well-known to be popular and effective, particularly during the holiday season. They are a tried and tested example of how the power of audio can create high recall and keep your brand fresh and memorable for better end-of-the-year results. Think about it - we all know a jingle from an ad we've seen as children that we can sign off the top of our heads.

Reach highly engaged audiences, anytime, anywhere

Advertisers should think about where and how they want to advertise. In-game ads reach audiences in the palm of their hands, anytime, anywhere. As mobile games create a stimulating environment, gamers are wholly focused on their game and screen, meaning they are highly engaged. Ergo, players are relaxed while playing and are more receptive and open to hearing the message they receive. Fundamentally, you’re reaching more people effectively versus spending on traditional or digital advertising (such as video ads), whose intrusiveness can frustrate or annoy users.

When audiences are fully engaged with their phones while playing a mobile game, they are less likely to become side-tracked due to in-game audio ads being non-intrusive by nature. Players are also less likely to be bothered or disturbed by them since audio ads don't interrupt their gameplay. Thus, gamers have a more favorable impression of your brand thanks to the non-interruptive format.

Brands must maintain relevance to prevent losing their audience's interest to rivals. For companies and brands considering cutting budgets, maintaining consistency in a competitive market while utilising innovative, cutting-edge and affordable advertising channels, such as in-game audio ads, is essential. It will prevent them from missing out on the most lucrative quarter of the year and help maintain a position of strength in an economically troublesome time.

Spend Ads Mobile Gaming


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