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Pride Production LGBTQIA+

Come As You Are: Crocs Europe celebrates Pride with launch of latest collection

Hey Honey


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June 29, 2021 | 4 min read

Crocs has released a new campaign to celebrate the launch of its new Pride collection, which launched earlier this month

Created by Hey Honey and featuring the winner of Drag Race Holland - Miss Envy Peru and trans drag artist, Eli Express, the campaign celebrates all identities and highlights that gender is fluid, that queerness is a spectrum and encourages everyone to live comfortably in their own shoes. The film ends on Crocs’ mantra; Come As You Are.

Yann Le Bozec, Crocs EMEA Marketing Director said: “A world where everyone can be their true self, and ‘Come as You Are’, is the world we want to live in. That’s what we hope to bring to life with this campaign and exploring different sides of the drag scene was essential to this. We are celebrating all genders and sexual identities, and those that celebrate their pride every day.”

Hey Honey worked with an LGBTQ+ crew behind the lens (and LGBTQ+ talent in front of it). The agency also worked closely with the queer consultancy Knaphouse and the Diversity Standards Collective throughout the whole creative process, including development of the script, to ensure the campaign spoke inclusively to the community with a message of pure celebration and relevance;

"We dream of a more open-minded and inclusive future for our community​

And we can all help create this future together​

By celebrating all genders and sexual identities​

Because, our identities are infinite and limitless.​

And we have the freedom to be whoever we want.​

To live by our own rules. ​

To carve our own life path.​

In our world, everyone can live comfortably in their own shoes.​

Come As You Are"​

At the centre of the campaign is a 60 second hero film that will run across YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook and premiered on 3rd June 2021. With a bold, vibrant fashion show feel, the film highlights drag diversity, showcasing both a drag queen as well as a trans, non-binary drag artist.

As part of the wider campaign, Hey Honey will be collaborating with influencers across TikTok and Instagram with a seeding PR box that will make them feel like they are reporting from the front row of fashion week. The influencers will be able to add mini microphones branded in Crocs, to give them that front row, Anna Wintour, feeling.

Chris Adams, CEO of Hey Honey, said: “Diversity and inclusivity needs to be at the heart of what we do as an agency. We champion inclusivity in our productions and work with our clients to not just represent diverse communities in front of the camera, but to ensure that our crew, behind the camera, is represented by the community as well. We’re proud to work with Crocs on such an important campaign, as part of its launch of an equally inspiring collection.”

As part of the campaign and throughout June, Hey Honey will be supporting Crocs in celebrating those who come as they are, with storytelling and content across social media. The Pride-inspired collection from Crocs includes its first ever trans shoe design modelled by Eli Express, a trans, non-binary drag artist.

As part of the campaign, Crocs Europe will be making a donation to ILGA Europe, the European region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association.

Rich Miles, CEO and Founder of the The Diversity Standards Collective said: “It was important to Hey Honey and Crocs that they were connected to queer voices from the very start of their ideation process. We were very excited at the Diversity Standards Collective to give guidance on their Pride Creative for Crocs and to provide insight on the vast spectrum of drag artists within the Drag community. A spectrum that’s hardly ever shown by other brands.”

Pride Production LGBTQIA+


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