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Thousands of Facebook users fall for bikini-clad woman spam

It might be the oldest trick in the book but that hasn’t stopped thousands of Facebook users falling for the latest spam advert to appear on the social network – a bikini clad woman alongside the grammatically incorrect words: “Look what this girl is wearing at the beach in front of thousands of people!”

So many have been duped by the simple ruse that the spam has gone viral as more and more people fall for it, spreading it to their own friends in the process.

Unfortunate victims hoping for a swatch of a scintillating video are instead shown nothing, but the act of clicking automatically propagates the link as shared content on their own profiles so that it appears in the newsfeeds of friends.

As a result embarrassed users have had to send out follow-up messages asking their friends not to share, like or click on the link – which is thought to be diverting traffic to certain unidentified websites.

Source: Metro

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