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Best Ads of the Week: St-Germain’s summer spritz & Coca-Cola’s Olympic unity unleashed


By Audrey Kemp, LA Reporter

July 10, 2024 | 9 min read

There’s also a patriotic Woody Guthrie cover and a new virtual Vans skate park in Roblox.

Athletes hugging

Coca-Cola’s inspiring Olympics spot / Ogilvy

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This week, Scotiabank created a budget-friendly charcuterie board, McDonald’s made Where’s Waldo-inspired print ads and Uncommon exposed unsightly sewage spills.

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McDonald’s Canada: Always Around the Corner by Cossette

mcdonalds print ad

McDonald’s Canada has launched the ‘Always Around the Corner’ campaign to highlight the chaos of moving and position itself as the go-to food choice during such times. Created by agency Cossette, the campaign employs a nostalgic ‘Where’s Waldo’ format to engage audiences. This creative approach captures attention by inviting viewers to interact with the ad, making it memorable and impactful. The search-and-find method not only entertains but also emphasizes McDonald’s ubiquitous presence, reinforcing brand recognition through the clever integration of the Golden Arches in each scene. This fun and engaging campaign ensures that McDonald’s remains top of mind for consumers, even amid the visual busyness.

Scotiabank: Bank More Life by Rethink

Scotiabank’s new campaign centers around a relatable commercial where a young man uses the Scotiabank app to manage his expenses while preparing a charcuterie board for his discerning Italian grandmother. The ad, crafted by Toronto-based agency Rethink, depicts his efforts to impress her within his budget constraints, culminating in her unexpected approval. The campaign aims to resonate with viewers by highlighting the emotional connections people have with money.

St-Germain: Spritz Up Your Summer by BBDO New York, Nike Communications

St-Germain, owned by Bacardi, has launched its vibrant new campaign, ‘Spritz Up Your Summer,’ starring Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner. Directed by Lizzy Born and set against the picturesque backdrop of the South of France, the ad follows Turner as she seeks a fresh summer romance. At a charming bar, she exchanges flirtatious glances with a handsome bartender who introduces her to the St-Germain Hugo Spritz, a beloved cocktail featuring St-Germain elderflower liqueur, prosecco, soda water, mint, and lime. The campaign aims to celebrate the cocktail’s popularity, which is highlighted by Nielsen data as one of the most sought-after drinks globally. The campaign includes a pop-up Spritz Counter at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC from July 17-21.

Coca-Cola: It’s Magic When the World Comes Together by Ogilvy

Coca-Cola’s newest campaign, ‘It’s Magic When the World Comes Together,’ celebrates unity and togetherness in anticipation of the upcoming Paris Olympics. Created by Ogilvy, the campaign highlights Coca-Cola’s 96-year relationship with the Olympics and draws inspiration from historic moments of camaraderie, such as the 12-swimmer embrace at Tokyo 2020 and John Wing’s advocacy for athlete solidarity at Melbourne 1956. The centerpiece of the campaign is a touching film featuring swimming champion Tatjana Schoenmaker embracing fellow swimmers Lilly King, Kaylene Corbett, and Annie Lazor, mirroring the emotional bonds formed during Tokyo 2020. This powerful moment encourages viewers in Paris and worldwide to embrace each other, emphasizing that the Olympics are more than just competition – they are a global celebration of solidarity, mutual respect and shared experiences.

Vote Clean Seas by Uncommon Creative Studio

great britain ad

As voters headed to the polls for the general election, Uncommon Creative Studio urged them to consider environmental issues with a striking campaign. Highlighting the dramatic rise in sewage spills by water companies, which more than doubled last year to 3.6m hours, the campaign features a billboard designed like a seaside postcard. It depicts a figure in a hazmat suit planting an environmental testing flag atop a child’s sandcastle, symbolizing the transformation of once-safe beaches into hazardous areas due to sewage dumping. Displayed in coastal areas like Brighton, Margate and Cornwall, the campaign targeted regions where local MPs have voted to allow sewage dumping. This effort underscored the urgent need for action on water pollution as voters made their decisions.

805-Beer: This Land is Your Land

Firestone Walker Brewing Company celebrated Independence Day with a poignant commercial featuring American country musician Jade Jackson performing Woody Guthrie’s classic anthem, ‘This Land is Your Land.’ Filmed in black-and-white against California’s central coast, near the brewery in Templeton, the ad captures Jackson’s soulful rendition amid scenic vistas. Jackson, known for her west coast roots and community commitment, embodies the campaign’s focus on American pride and the laid-back central coast lifestyle. Firestone Walker’s in-house creative team secured the rights to Guthrie’s song, emphasizing authenticity through their ongoing ‘805 Beer Authenticos’ program, which highlights inspiring individuals like Jackson. The campaign is live across digital and social media platforms.

Vans: Vans World 2.0 by The Gang

Vans World 2 has launched on Roblox, offering skateboarders and gamers an enhanced virtual experience with new challenges and environments. Developed in collaboration with The Gang, the updated activation builds on the success of its predecessor, which saw 100m visits last year. Vans World 2 extends its skateboarding adventures beyond Southern California, allowing players to showcase their skills in iconic global cities like Paris and Tokyo. Players can earn points to customize their avatars and get early virtual access to Vans’ latest shoe, ‘the Mixxa,’ before its physical release. The game also introduces pro skater Lizzie Armanto, whose distinctive style aims to inspire players of all ages.

BMW: Summer is All Yours by Goodby Silverstein & Partners

BMW’s latest commercial for their annual Summer Sales Event stars NBC’s Al Roker in a humorous twist titled ‘Summer is All Yours.’ In this ad, Roker, known for his trustworthy weather predictions, deceives a family by forecasting a storm, prompting them to leave a sunny beach. Roker then takes their prime spot with his all-electric BMW i4, chuckling at his clever ruse. Developed by Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GS&P) and directed by Silver Emmy winner Win Bates, the campaign showcases Roker’s charm and comedic talent. The campaign, which also features the BMW X5 and 5 Series, runs across television and online channels, blending humor with a promotion of BMW’s electric vehicles.

Bic: Lit Games by Doner CX

Bic’s new ad campaign, ‘Lit Games,’ stars the dynamic duo Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart, in a humorous nod to the 2024 Paris Olympics. The commercial features Snoop as an Olympic judge, evaluating Martha’s candle-lighting skills using the Bic EZ Reach Lighter, which is designed to keep fingers safe from the flame. Snoop awards Martha a perfect score for her “perfect form.” This campaign follows previous popular collaborations between Snoop and Martha, including ‘Slow Burn Sessions’ with Willie Nelson and ‘Bic Lights Up America.’ Developed with ad agency Doner CX, the ‘Lit Games’ campaign runs from July 1 to August 30 across connected TV, Meta, TikTok and YouTube, with Snoop and Martha promoting it on their social media channels.

BlueForge Alliance: Rosie Starts a Career That’s Built to Last by Adam&EveDDB

Adam&EveDDB’s first campaign for BlueForge Alliance introduces a modernized version of ‘Rosie the Riveter’ to spotlight career opportunities in maritime manufacturing. This updated Rosie embodies perseverance, confidence, and the pursuit of a fulfilling career, transitioning from temporary jobs to a stable career in maritime manufacturing. The ad’s strategic blend of nostalgia and forward-thinking bridges generational gaps, appealing to older audiences familiar with the icon and younger ones seeking meaningful employment. By reviving this historical figure, the campaign addresses contemporary employment challenges with powerful visuals and a poignant storyline, aiming to inspire people from all walks of life.

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Creative Creative Works Ads of the Week

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