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By Audrey Kemp, LA Reporter

July 8, 2024 | 3 min read

A relatable commercial follows a young man as he strives to impress his Nonna with a charcuterie board while staying within his financial means.

Scotiabank, a leader in banking services in Canada and beyond, has launched ‘Bank More Life,’ a humorous new campaign focused on personal finance in everyday experiences.

At its heart is a heartfelt commercial featuring a young man navigating a market who carefully selects items for a charcuterie board intended for his discerning Italian grandmother. Utilizing the Scotiabank app, he skillfully manages his expenses to stay within his budget. Upon her arrival, Nonna initially scrutinizes his efforts. However, instead of criticism, she delightfully adds a ripe tomato from his backyard garden to enhance the spread.

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The work seeks to reflect the intricate and often challenging connection individuals have with finances, particularly during lean times, while encouraging them to cherish life’s true treasures: meaningful moments shared with loved ones. This sentiment is encapsulated in the campaign’s title, ‘Bank More Life.’

John Rocco, vice-president of global brand management at Scotiabank, commented: “It can be overwhelming to think about money every day. We want to help Canadians feel secure in their financial situations, allowing them to bank more quality time just living their lives.”

The campaign is the work of the Toronto-based creative agency Rethink.

“We wanted to highlight that there is more to life than more. Life isn’t always about the money or material things – but about the feeling and reason behind it,” added Crystal Sales, group strategy director at Rethink. “You can buy all of the caviar in the world, and of course, it’s delicious, but there is nothing more magical than quality time spent in the kitchen with someone like your nonna.”

The fully integrated program goes live this month and is running across English and French Canada.

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