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IBM elevates Wimbledon experience with cutting-edge AI and data insights


By Gordon Young, Editor-in-Chief

July 4, 2024 | 4 min read

We catch up with the tech giant’s associate partner, Fred Baker, in Wimbledon’s “media bunker” to find out more about the integration of AI and data analytics at the tennis tournament.

A full stadium at Wimbledon

IBM has worked with Wimbledon for 35 years / IBM

IBM is making waves at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships with its innovative use of AI and data analytics. Speaking from the tournament’s “media bunker,” Fred Baker, an associate partner, told The Drum how IBM’s systems handle and process extensive data to enhance the experience for online, app, and TV users, as well as assess player performance.

Enhanced fan experience

IBM’s technology delivers real-time insights, creating more engaging digital experiences and exciting TV coverage. TV channels, fed by the wit data insights, benefit from a wealth of detailed information that enriches broadcasts. “We’re managing over two and a half million data points in a fortnight,” Baker explained. This data includes both structured and unstructured types from Wimbledon and external sources. The IBM team, who have been working with Wimbledon for 35 years, meticulously curates and catalogs all incoming data, ensuring seamless application usage.

Powered by AI

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Data-driven insights

A robust hybrid cloud architecture, integrating IBM public clouds and AWS clouds, underpins IBM’s efforts. “We’ve built applications that dynamically serve these needs across our hybrid architecture,” Baker noted. This setup ensures scalability and redundancy, crucial during the high-demand tournament period compared with the off-season. It means servers can be powered down when not needed saving energy.

At the heart of this architecture is Watson X, IBM’s enterprise data and AI platform. “Watson X drives this whole process, applying intelligence to curate millions of data points and serve both applications and AI models,” Baker said. The AI model developed for Wimbledon can understand and generate tennis-specific content, such as player profiles.

AI-powered player analysis

This advanced AI model relies on trusted data sources and governance frameworks for continuous tuning and feedback. “Our AI can grasp nuances like drop shots and other play tactics, offering players and coaches valuable insights,” Baker stated. This detailed analysis helps in assessing players’ chances and refining their game strategies – providing insights for fans and coaches alike.

Enhancing security

Security remains a top priority. During the 2023 championships, IBM’s systems monitored 10m potential security events, equating to a quarter of a million per day. “Our security monitoring service acts as the first triage point, classifying and categorizing events, identifying patterns, and determining necessary actions,” Baker explained. This continuous monitoring safeguards the integrity of the data and the applications used throughout the event.

IBM’s integration of AI and data analytics at Wimbledon highlights how technology can enhance both the fan experience and player performance analysis. By managing vast amounts of data, ensuring robust security, and applying sophisticated AI models, IBM extends the drama of Wimbledon beyond the tournament grounds. “Our goal is simple,” Baker concluded, “to bring fans closer to the action and help players elevate their game.”

Artificial Intelligence Sports & Fitness Wimbledon

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