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By Sam Anderson, Network Editor

June 10, 2024 | 2 min read

In the latest episode of The Drum Network Podcast, we speak to Spotify about their latest ‘trends tour’ and four leading marketers about their own podcast journeys.

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Podcast advertising's on the up. We talked about it with Spotify on The Drum's podcast. / C D-X via Unsplash

Spotify’s ‘2024 Podcast Trends Tour’ launched a couple of weeks back, with a lot of data telling one story: podcast advertising is big business, and still going.

To wit: in a trend it’s calling ‘podfluencers’, the audio giant has found that 63% of people trust their favorite podcast host more than their favorite social media influencer. That trust, they say, is key to more tangible outcomes – like the finding that a similar 62% of people have taken action after hearing a podcasting ad.

It’s those stats we’re interrogating in this week’s episode of The Drum Network Podcast, featuring first a conversation with Spotify Advertising’s global brand strategy and thought leadership lead, Jenny Haggard. We then stress-test the reports findings with four marketers-turned-real-life-podcasters: Brew Digital’s Haydn Woods-Williams, MG Empower’s Maira Genovese, PrettyGreen’s Sammy Albon, and Amplify’s Fayola Douglas.

For more earworms, head on over to The Drum’s podcast hub.

Podcast The Drum Podcasts #podcastadvertising

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