By Audrey Kemp, LA Reporter

June 10, 2024 | 3 min read

The Good Place star takes on the role of anthropologist in the Madwell-produced campaign to uncover the human fascination with that perfect sun-kissed glow.

Call it an ethnography of cosmetic proportions.

Elf Beauty has enlisted the charismatic British actor Jameela Jamil for its latest creative venture, ‘Peculiar Behavior.’ This campaign, which plays out like a hilarious mock documentary, explores the cultural impact of the highly coveted Elf Bronzing Drops.

Directed by Madwell’s founder and chief creative officer, Chris Sojka, the commercial portrays Jamil as an intrepid anthropologist on an action-packed expedition. Decked out in a tweed jacket and armed with binoculars, her character channels the spirit of a classic British explorer. Her mission? To study and document the desperate measures modern-day “homo sapiens” will take for a glorious summer glow.

In her first observation, Jamil spots a young girl in her “natural habitat” – a palatial suburban home, who is on a stealthy mission to swipe her sister’s treasured Bronzing Drops.

The adventure continues at an airport, where Jamil notes a strikingly radiant young person standing out among other jet-lagged travelers. Their secret weapon? Elf Bronzing Drops, which seems to make even the most weary traveler look like they’ve just returned from a tropical getaway.

Next, the anthropologist zeroes in on a remote worker who hasn’t seen the light of day for days. With a few drops of Elf’s magic serum, she goes from pale to perfectly bronzed, ready to face her next virtual meeting with a healthy glow.

The ad reaches its peak when Jamil’s character, in a bustling city street, reveals her own bottle of Bronzing Drops. Instantly, a frenzy erupts as people clamor to get their hands on the product. The spot closes with the playful line, “Elf Skin Bronzing Drops. Just $12. Go Wild.”

Now available on and at select retailers, the brand describes Elf Skin Bronzing Drops as a vitamin and antioxidant-rich serum for the face and body, available in three shades.

“Bronzing drops are the number one product our community has requested from us with increasing intensity. In the spirit of surprising, delighting and entertaining our audiences – with that unexpected Elf twist – we let our imaginations go wild,” said Kory Marchisotto, chief marketing officer at Elf Beauty. “Our community is clever, hilarious and unabashedly expressive. They essentially write the script for us.”

“Elf’s superpowers include premium quality, extraordinary prices and universal appeal, and that combustible combination creates an unrivaled level of passion among consumers,” added Madwell’s Sojka. “With ‘Peculiar Behavior,’ we playfully depict the high level of demand for the product, while also showcasing the product features and its transformative impact on complexions.”

This campaign is Elf’s latest foray into the entertainment world, following its ’Judge Beauty’ Super Bowl commercial, the viral ‘Liquid Death Kiss’ video, and the ’Make Up Over Makeover’ series.

The spot will air on major streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime, Peacock and YouTube.

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