By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

June 7, 2024 | 2 min read

Many brands strive to become the main sponsor on a top club’s jersey, but in this spot, Heinz is focusing on the most important team of all: the one working outside the stadiums, feeding legions of fans week in, week out. It's our favorite piece of work today.

Heinz and Kappa are celebrating sandwich makers, called paninari in Italy, as real football heroes as the season ends and the Euros approach.

What makes this ad from agency Dude so special is the combination of food, fashion and football. The specially designed apron featured in the film includes a white collar, reminiscent of football jerseys and the number 57, a nod to Heinz’s heritage.

The Kappa bands on the sides recall the design of their most iconic jerseys and the apron is embroidered with the logo of the ‘Paninari Foodball Club.’

It’s a celebration of the unsung heroes that makes this ad great, going beyond typical sponsorship with a human touch, celebrating the community and culture that surrounds football.

According to the brand performance platform Kantar Marketplace, this ad leaves a strong purchase intent with the viewer due to its enjoyable quality and strong brand identity. Long term, the results show that this spot is likely to cut through and be memorable.

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