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June 6, 2024 | 4 min read

Winning Energy and Industry Gold in The Drum Awards for Marketing Americas is the 'Humble Streetlight' campaign from Ubicquia’s Harvest Creative and STōK Cold Brew Coffee. Here is the award-winning case study.


With the Humble Streetlight campaign, Ubicquia set out to illuminate the potential of smart street lighting to transform urban environments. Our goal was to solidify our position as a leader in the smart city sector, focusing on driving growth and expanding our influence in making cities smarter, safer, and more connected.


Our campaign was built on a deep dive into the needs and challenges of over a thousand US cities, identifying those ready for a smart lighting revolution. This research uncovered critical areas where our technology could make a significant impact: budget efficiency, public safety, environmental sustainability, equitable access to technology, and streamlined access to government funding. We made our content credible by showcasing cities that have used existing streetlight infrastructure to improve quality of life, letting our customers' success stories speak for us.


Addressing city concerns head-on, our content strategy encompassed a full journey from education to solution to selection:

  • Budget Efficiency: Showcasing how our smart streetlights offer cost-saving and efficiency benefits, supported by tools like our ROI calculator.
  • Public Safety: Highlighting our innovative solutions for enhancing urban safety, from traffic to parks, through smart lighting and integrated technologies. We highlighted the multi-million dollar savings in cities like Memphis and Philadelphia.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Demonstrating our commitment to reducing carbon footprints and protecting night skies, in line with cities’ climate goals. We worked with the Dark Skies Organization to educate cities on the importance of reducing light pollution and highlighted the success of the Town of Pepperell, which houses an observatory.
  • Equitable Access: Illuminating our efforts to ensure infrastructure equity, we highlighted an innovative project by the City of Dallas which used our streetlight platforms to improve lighting, public safety, visibility, and connectivity in an underserved community. We helped them win prestigious international awards for their work, sponsored a detailed case study, and secured speaking opportunities for them. We shared in the celebration of this project by hosting an ice cream social in the pilot neighborhood.
  • Funding Accessibility: Simplifying the maze of government funding for cities, enabling them to embark on smart initiatives with our guidance and support. We provided a host of resources including a website, webinars, access to funding experts, and a funding kit delivered via a cookie with a QR code in icing.


The "Humble Streetlight" campaign helped Ubicquia become the fastest-growing smart streetlight provider in the US. We exceeded revenue and market share goals and built our reputation in the space. More than just expanding our market reach and preparing us for future growth, the real highlight has been seeing our customers succeed.

Ubicquia is driven by a simple yet powerful goal: to make the world smarter, safer, and more connected. Our pride comes from witnessing the tangible benefits our streetlight platforms bring to cities and their residents. Every time a city uses our technology to improve lives, we see it as a shared triumph, a real-world testament to our efforts to enhance urban living.

Engagement & Recognition

Digital engagement soared, with substantial increases in website traffic, social media interaction, and content downloads. These metrics, alongside exceptional email marketing performance, demonstrate the campaign’s broad reach and resonance.

We hope the “Humble Streetlight” campaign stands as a testament to Ubicquia’s innovative approach to understanding and working with cities to drive positive change in urban environments.

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