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How Cognitiv created 'positiv' feelings about AI-powered marketing


By The Drum, Editorial

June 6, 2024 | 4 min read

Winning AI Gold in The Drum Awards for Marketing Americas is Cognitiv. Here is the award-winning case study.

Example of winning work

Example of winning work


What would an advertiser do if they had more time? This question was the catalyst for Cognitiv’s innovative awareness campaign, highlighting the positive benefits of advertising with deep learning. In a “meta” moment, Cognitiv’s first brand campaign weaved AI into every aspect of the process. By inspiring advertisers to take notice of deep learning as more than an advanced media buying technology, the campaign analogies highlight what is achievable with more time back. This campaign communicates the “positiv” feelings and outcomes advertising professionals achieve through working with Cognitiv, the first Deep Learning Advertising Platform, graphically representing the mental relief and clarity of an undistracted mind.


Cognitiv's campaign concept offers possibilities around what marketers and advertisers can achieve with an undistracted mind and time savings — from clearing out their i–box, developing a business-changing strategy, having the freedom to attend more industry events, to finally having the time to focus on the project they have been half-present for. The key takeaway is that what you do with your time is up to you. With Cognitiv, you are finally able to ‘Reclaim your brain.’

Cognitiv’s campaign theme evolved from interviews with advertising industry professionals, incorporating feedback from conversations with clients and prospects. A common theme identified through these interviews was the desire for more time to do what they set out to do in their professional lives. Many people interviewed, specifically media buyers at agencies, described being stuck in the weeds, resulting in missed opportunities to focus on other elements of their professional lives. Advertising professionals described priorities ranging from more time to devote to strategy and creative collaboration to simply craving more time to prepare for meetings or respond to their emails.

With the rise of advanced AI, Cognitiv constantly uncovers new ways to use innovation to set itself apart in the digital media and advertising industry. This mentality led Cognitiv to identify like-minded partners using AI to help create a memorable brand campaign featuring high-level messaging and creative assets focused on outcomes and emotions while leveraging Cognitiv's proprietary AI technology to optimize the campaign and reach key audiences.


Alongside creative agency Manual Labor Studio and outdoor advertising agency Billups, AI has been a critical tool in developing the creative assets and strategic targeting approaches for Cognitiv's first-ever brand awareness campaign, launching in a key target market, New York City. Manual Labor used AI throughout the development of creative concepts, including the standout 3-D animated imagery used throughout Cognitiv's campaign. Billups, Cognitiv's OOH partner, uses AI to determine the appropriate media approach to reach essential audiences, considering factors including time of day and location.

The stunning, bright, creative draws the eye to messaging including “More Collaborativ,” “More Inventiv," “More Responsiv,” “More Inclusiv,” “More Transformativ,” “More Creativ,” and “More Reflectiv,” all with the pay-off tagline “Reclaim your brain.” The campaign empowers advertisers to let AI work for them too, not just for their campaigns.


Cognitiv's brand awareness campaign launch has garnered a buzz in the industry, resulting in media placements announcing its launch at key trade publications, including MediaPost and Cynopsis DOOH. Following its initial launch, Cognitiv saw a 650% increase in organic LinkedIn searches for the company. With the campaign set to run through the end of June, Cognitiv continues broadening awareness, launching owned thought leadership content covering the theme in key adtech trades like Adweek and at tentpole industry events including POSSIBLE! in Miami, and Cannes Lions in France, featuring the campaign creative and using QR codes to drive attendees to the 'More Time' campaign landing page.

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Awards Case Studies The Drum Awards For Marketing Americas Marketing

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