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By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

June 5, 2024 | 3 min read

The haircare brand shies away from tutorial-style tropes with this ad, instead opting to showcase a more conversational and modern take.

Bed Head has unveiled a new campaign titled ‘Lab of Life’ that returns to its rebellious roots, emphasizing a conversational and modern approach over traditional tutorial-style ads. This new direction highlights real-life hair solutions inspired by real-life hair mishaps, with each film featuring protagonists breaking the fourth wall and directly engaging the audience in an informal tone.

“As a brand steeped in 90s rebellion and creativity, a lot of our initial product origins were crafted for moments where life happens,” said Kate Buttery, chief marketing officer at Elida Beauty, which owns Bed Head. “Going back to our roots, we want to be known for doing things a bit differently and thinking outside of the box.”

The creative output is the work of agency-of-record Lucky Generals. In the first spot, titled ‘Resurrection,’ a group of friends enter a chippy where a girl visibly retreats from her own hair as the word ‘fried’ appears in her eyes. Having had enough of the view, she tells the audience, “Urgh, it’s the food that’s supposed to be fried, not my hair.”

The second spot, ‘After Party,’ features a girl being bored senseless while chatting with a guy. She catches herself in the mirror and is transported to another world where she can fix her hair and get away from the tedious chat.

“The world of beauty can sometimes feel quite clinical and cliché. Our inspiration has always been creativity and projecting lifestyle as a way to talk to people about hair in a more relatable way,” continued Buttery.

“We’re excited to bring the brand to consumers for the first time, building a clear idea of what we stand for and what we can offer them with our distinctive personality.”

The campaign will include two video-on-demand (VOD) films, five tutorial films, outdoor ads and digital assets.

Lewis Mooney, creative director at Lucky Generals, added: “Bed Head is the hair brand that breaks the rules and does their own thing, so naturally, we wanted to continue this tradition by breaking the rules and conventions of hair product demos.

“Not only do we want to inform and educate through our demos, but do it in a way that resonates with our audience, entertains them and communicates what the Bed Head brand is all about.”

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