By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

June 4, 2024 | 1 min read

Cadbury has introduced the Dairy Milk & More bar with a captivating campaign by VCCP London that entices viewers with close-up shots of the sweet treats, showing how distracting they can be.

Chocolate lovers, listen up – there’s a new Cadbury bar on the shelves, and it’s chunky. To promote this latest edition, the chocolate maker has released two ads that demonstrate just how distracting the treat can be.

In each spot, viewers see people seemingly forgetting everything going on around them, finding themselves in a chocolate dream world as they gaze at the nutty filling. These scenarios effectively showcase the bar's allure.

What makes the ad stand out is its ability to evoke a sense of mouth-watering intrigue about the new product. It carries the typical friendly, family-oriented feel that viewers are accustomed to seeing in Cadbury ads, making it feel familiar and cozy. This combination of tantalizing visuals with the brand’s signature charm and appeal is a winner.

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