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May 30, 2024 | 7 min read

Winning Government or Public Sector Gold in The Drum Awards for Marketing APAC’s Social Media category is this B2B video campaign from BBC StoryWorks APAC and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council. Here is the award-winning case study.

In this campaign about Taiwanese innovation, we turned conventional storytelling on its head and measured the results with BBC StoryWorks’ award-winning Science of Engagement. We found out that we’d created a new shape of attention in video storytelling.


  • Generate sustained attention in Taiwan’s tech, measured by the degree of viewers’ attention uplift

  • Convince audiences that semiconductors have been an enabler to Taiwan and the world

  • Form emotional associations to create deeper memory encoding of “Taiwan Excellence”

  • Create strong associations of Taiwan being “future-forward”, “investable”, “innovative” and having “tech talent”

  • Create significant uplift in top-of-mind awareness of Taiwan in relation to foreign investment

Target Audience

  • Tech investors, Developers, and C-Suites from SMBs and enterprises

  • They identify Taiwan’s dominance as a semiconductor giant, with a perception that may date back to the 90s.

  • They’re strategic business drivers and brand champions, keen to identify common values for long-term success, and are curious about/advocate responsible AI technology usage.

  • Geographies: US, Europe (excluding UK), APAC, and Japan.


Our objective statement for this campaign was to create market penetration establishing Taiwan as a global trendsetter in innovation.

We developed a mix of assets that would serve our B2B audiences in different need states.

  • 1x Branded video (6 minutes long)

  • 2x Cut downs (60 sec and 30 sec)

  • 2x Branded articles

  • 1x 12 Sec bespoke TAITRA logo animation

  • Value-add: Social media campaign

Creative Execution

We placed AI front and center in our campaign, not just topically, but in content design. We saw opportunities in Taiwan’s well-loved brand signatures, namely hospitality, people, and nature. Leveraging these familiar elements supported our viewers in the “unlearning” of dated preconceived notions about Taiwanese tech.

In design, we opted to use AI image-processing to animate our shot footage, bridging the physical world into a future of endless possibilities. This would support the AI-incorporating innovations of our featured contributors. This imagery was then utilized across our video, article, and social media content.


Viewers heard from three Taiwanese visionaries on a mission to show the world what it means to be creative when technological evolution seems to have just about reached the peak of creativity.

Our client wanted us to feature three different innovations in a single video – this meant seeking unique approaches to sustain viewers’ attention.

Leveraging Taiwan’s non-industrial brand signatures, our creative video was inspired by Taiwanese innovators’ love for the island’s beautiful sprawling landscapes, as shown in the immersive tonality of tourism films. We decided to take our audiences on a unique B2B journey, allowing them to experience the legend of Taiwanese tech innovation through Taiwan’s natural beauty, and then into its captivating tech scene from the eyes of the innovators within.

We showcased key moments of intersection between technology and humanity, applying AI image processing to this footage, and using this to engineer the emotional and attention peaks of our audiences.


We created two profile-led stories on disruptive Taiwanese innovation, focusing on the development of AI in the sectors Taiwan is well-known for, like smart manufacturing and logistics. With valuable insights and animated video overlays, we noted remarkable dwell times.

  • Our first article, “How Taiwan is shaping an AI-fueled Industry 4.0 revolution,” gathered Taiwanese innovators’ expert opinions about how advancements in IoT, 5G, AI, and robotics broadened the scope of Industry 4.0 vastly in 2023.
  • Our second article, titled “Secrets from a tech island,” featured insider perspectives about how the “Made in Taiwan” ethos and Taiwan’s rich history as a semiconductor leader serve as a backdrop for its success as an industrial innovator.

Logo Redesign

To modernize Taiwan’s technological leadership, we used modern design sensibilities and eye-catching animation, incorporating elements of Taiwan’s heritage such as the Papilio Maraho butterfly, alongside Taiwan’s map and tech nodes.


We wanted to delight digital audiences with eye-catching visuals and thought-provoking subject matter. BBC traffic drivers ran in global market placements, across the News Application, Mobile Web browser, and website. Social media was an essential component, with different content formats running on paid placements across Facebook and Instagram, and organically on X and LinkedIn.

We optimized our AI image-processed animated video components as high-engagement social-first tools, resulting in a total of 14.1m impressions on social media content.

Aware of the long length of our six-minute video, we created two durations of cutdowns.

  • Our 30-second cutdown visualized a world where our daily lives are filled with AI, robots, and immersive technology, with a captivating mix of AI-animated and cinematic visual moments. This contributed to a snowball effect enabling us to receive an increased number of impressions on social media.
  • In the 1-minute cutdown, we zoomed in on human elements, isolating a core insight about Taiwan from each video contributor. We targeted this toward tech enthusiasts more likely to be interested in Taiwan.


In the attention economy, we created a new shape of attention, sustaining attention for six minutes. But what do we mean by a new shape of attention?

We conducted BBC StoryWorks’ Science of Engagement study among BDMs to determine whether our creative approach had translated into meaningful engagement for Taiwan. The study tracks the emotional journey of content and the subsequent potential for long-term memory encoding of brands. Knowing that most decisions are made subconsciously, our study tracks consenting BDMs’ emotions through their micro-facial movements, which reveal their true emotional states.

Shape of attention: While a conventional attention level for video may show a graph that begins with a medium level of attention, a peak, and then a dip, our video utilizing AI image processing showed as many as five peaks and minimal dips throughout the video, indicating sustained attention for a remarkable six minutes.

  • Degree of attention uplift doubled our study's benchmark.
  • Ranked among the 91st percentile among all the study’s testing for emotional peaks, across hundreds of campaigns.
  • Proven peaks in attention and emotion at the end of the video when the TAITRA logo appeared, indicating a strong potential of long-term brand memory encoding.
  • An average uplift of 74.6% among the respondents who watched the branded video indicating implicit association shifts of Taiwan being “future-forward,” “investable,” “innovative,” and having “tech talent.” Particularly, “innovative,” “resourceful,” and “tech talent” saw significant uplifts of 65%, 82%, and 77% respectively.
  • A 100% uplift in top-of-mind awareness of Taiwan when viewers were asked the first country that comes to mind when they thought of Foreign Trade & Investment.

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