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May 30, 2024 | 4 min read

Winning B2B Gold in The Drum Awards for Marketing APAC is Turning Unsung Heroes Into Impact Makers by Transmission and Schneider Electric Australia. Here is the award-winning case study.

Our campaign for Schneider Electric embarked on an ambitious mission: navigate through a market constantly evolving with technological advancements, extending our reach beyond the familiar terrain of IT infrastructure to make inroads into new sectors such as retail, financial services, education, manufacturing, and healthcare.

We aimed not only to achieve our growth targets but also for groundbreaking innovation. This journey into uncharted markets was guided by a blend of data-driven insight, creative ingenuity, and strategic foresight, aiming to reveal the unsung heroes that could make real business impact.

Identifying the Challenge

We realized that SE’s existing content—audience-agnostic technical eBooks and whitepapers—while significant in quantity, did not speak the language of our target audience of IT and Data Center decision-makers and influencers. It was not resonating or translating into the engagement or results SE envisioned. This gap highlighted an essential truth: the need for bespoke content that connects on a personal level with our audience.


In response, we broadened our focus beyond CIOs and IT heads to include Data Center Managers, using our campaign to transform them from shadow warriors into impact makers. This was more than just widening our audience—it was about acknowledging and engaging with often-overlooked voices critical to IT infrastructure decisions. By tailoring our outreach to these diverse roles, we cultivated a more inclusive and effective dialogue across the decision-making spectrum.

Integrating Media Channels

Our strategy evolved into a highly coordinated media engagement, where each channel played a part in a larger, interconnected campaign. Leveraging AI and analytics, we personalized the journey for each audience segment, ensuring messages were received and resonated deeply.


  • Leveraging AI for Deep Insights: We employed AI to peel back the layers of our audience's psyche, transforming data into a guide for personalized engagement.
  • Empathy-Driven Personalized Resonance: Recognizing the unique landscape of the Australian market, we prioritized personalized messages that sidestepped generic marketing pitfalls, focusing on the individual's specific needs and context.
  • Broad yet Targeted Media Reach: Our campaign achieved a nuanced balance of reach and precision, utilizing segmentation and personalization across owned and paid media to speak directly to diverse industry decision-makers.

Phased Rollout

We implemented the campaign in phases, allowing for flexibility and optimization at each step—from awareness building to intensified engagement and conversion. This approach ensured our strategy remained dynamic and responsive to the audience's evolving needs.


The campaign’s outcomes were not just numbers but a testament to the power of humanized marketing:

  • Generated over 1,300 opportunities
  • Created a EUR 71 million pipeline
  • Achieved a 77% increase in Average Opportunity Value
  • Attained a 39:1 ROI

More than financial success, the campaign fostered a deeper connection with the Schneider Electric brand, as evidenced by increased engagement rates and positive client feedback. This campaign is a shining example of what’s possible when AI-driven insights, empathy-infused messaging, and strategic media placements converge. It redefines the essence of B2B marketing excellence, proving that even the most challenging markets can be transformed into arenas of vast opportunity and engagement with the right approach.

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