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May 30, 2024 | 5 min read

Winning The Drum Awards for Marketing APAC’s Entertainment Gold is Resonating The Voice of the ‘Sandwich Generation’ from Dialogue Communications and Temata Studios. Here is the award-winning case study.


The Indonesian drama comedy movie Gampang Cuan (“Easy Money” in English) tells the story of two siblings, Sultan (Vino G. Bastian) and Bilqis (Anya Geraldine), who try to save their family from debt. Beating any obstacles, they tried to find easy ways to make money behind their mother (Meriam Bellina) and little brother Aji (Alzi Maker). The movie was produced by Temata Studios and released in Indonesia on November 16, 2023.

In Indonesia, horror is currently the most popular movie genre. Movies about finance or money are even more challenging to market as they seem unpopular and boring. Gampang Cuan stood a chance to present a financial subject in the most entertaining way, promising a feel-good emotion navigated by the family perspective.

Among the mass audience is the Sandwich Generation, the people who provide for themselves and their families while also providing for their parents. According to CNBC Indonesia, 49% of Indonesians were part of the Sandwich Generation. Meanwhile, the niche audiences are Sundanese people, an ethnic group from West Java, which is also the cultural setting of the movie. In 2022, West Java was the province with the highest outstanding online loan, with a value of 950 million USD.


Gampang Cuan started the campaign six months before the movie’s release. With the tight budget, the movie campaign focused on building awareness and generating organic conversation on social media. This has been done by presenting a consistent narrative: “Money is Everything,” touching the heart of all breadwinners who fight day and night to provide for their families.

One of the breakthrough campaigns was when the team created a pseudonymous account for @gampangcuans on TikTok months before the movie promotion even began. The account exposed the mysterious man and his debt problems. This debt situation represents the movie’s main plot; later, the audience learns ways to make money from Sultan and Bilqis. The username, similar to the movie title, was intended to inject “subliminal” awareness about the movie.

To build initial awareness and trigger curiosity, we started the promotion by doing a publicity stunt on Instagram. The main cast, Vino, Anya, and Alzi, posted a screenshot of their group conversation on social media, plotting a secret project. The post was blown up, and people were surprised these celebrities were friends. The press started picking up this buzz, and later, it popped into national headlines. The total impressions from the cast accounts were over 3 million views.

The movie also used breadcrumbs on Gampang Cuan’s official Instagram and TikTok accounts (both have username @gampangcuanfilm) to evoke the audience’s emotions (humor, excitement, sadness, anger). Within nine months, the official Instagram account had 11,000 followers, while TikTok had 60,000 followers. The official Instagram content reached 34 million users, resulting in over 8 million impressions.

To showcase the cast chemistry, in partnership with homeless media Volix, we spilled footage of an iconic scene, “Sibling fights,” in the making between Sultan and Bilqis. Their bickering scene received many positive reactions on social media, and people started to look forward to seeing their chemistry in the movie.

Following the release week, we did spoiler marketing on TikTok. Nano influencers, who appeared as organic TikTok users, posted movie clips they recorded from the cinema and their emotional commentaries. These spoilers made Gampang Cuan trend on TikTok, leading to FYP content several times. The selection of the movie soundtrack, “Hati Yang Bersedih” (“A Sad Heart”) by Ghea Indrawari, also perfectly evoked the audience’s emotions. After the movie’s release, many people posted their experiences similar to Sultan and Bilqis in real life, using this song as the background sound.

As a cherry on top, the Gala Premiere successfully became a peak highlight a week before the movie’s official release. Cast appearances on the red carpet, genuine audience reactions, and positive testimonials attract public attention. Gampang Cuan gained its first 250,000 audience during its opening week.


The movie successfully gained 772,374 audiences. Although it did not completely beat horror movies, Gampang Cuan still recorded the highest audience for the comedy genre in 2023. The movie lasted 47 days in cinema, had 6,048 screens, and 21,248 showtimes. A month after its release, this domestic success led to the possibility of international distribution in Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei.

The total performance across official accounts was 150 million views and 50 million accounts. Meanwhile, the movie was featured in 471 media coverages, with an estimated PR value of USD 1 million.

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