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May 30, 2024 | 4 min read

Winning Travel and Tourism Gold in The Drum Awards for Marketing APAC is Grandparents Prove Singapore is Still Cool: Reimagining the Lion City for Gen Z by Klook. Here is the award-winning case study.

A. Introduction:

Singapore, a classic travel destination, faced a fresh challenge: captivating the imagination of Gen Z, a generation known for seeking off-the-beaten-path adventures. Klook’s annual Travel Pulse survey revealed Singapore languished on the wish lists of less than 20% of young travelers, who favored destinations like South Korea and Japan. In response, we launched “The Bucket List,” a content marketing campaign with a twist: showcasing Singapore through the lens of grandparents embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with their tech-savvy grandchildren.

B. Key Challenge:

Our campaign had to solve two key problems:

  1. Shifting Perceptions: Gen Z travelers were increasingly drawn to off-the-beaten-path adventures, leaving established destinations like Singapore struggling to capture their imagination. We needed to present Singapore in a new light, showcasing its unexpected possibilities.
  2. Content Disconnect: Traditional marketing approaches were falling flat, with Gen Z wary of in-your-face advertising and #sponsored content on social media.

C. Marketing Strategy

To effectively connect with Gen Z and make them reconsider Singapore, we uncovered three key insights:

  1. Consumer Insights:
    • Authenticity Reigns Supreme: 60% of Gen Z prioritizes genuine UGC content, shunning campaigns fronted by mega-influencers and celebrities. (Source: Klook Travel Pulse Report, Dec 2023)
    • Shared Experiences Matter: 90% of Gen Z travelers value shared experiences with loved ones during their travel adventures. (Source: Klook Travel Pulse Report, Dec 2023)
  2. Cultural Insight:
    • Grandparents Take Center Stage: Senior citizens were increasingly going viral on TikTok and IG reels. Our observation was supported by a National University of Singapore study highlighting a rise in senior citizens embracing social media platforms.
  3. Destination Insight:
    • Singapore: Senior-Friendly & Fun-Filled: Singapore boasts safety, accessibility, and a diverse range of activities, making it ideal for multigenerational travel.

Fueled by these insights, we crafted a bold strategy: showing Singapore in a fresh and unfiltered light, featuring grandparents exploring the country with their Gen Z grandkids.

D. Solution: The Bucket List!

Ditching Tradition, Embracing Authenticity:

We bypassed traditional influencer marketing and tapped into Klook’s robust “Kreator” community – micro-influencer travelers passionate about exploration. Instead of prioritizing follower counts, genuine family dynamics were our sole selection criteria. Kreators nominated grandparents who fit the bill, resulting in five dynamic pairs from across Southeast Asia. This ensured authentic storytelling, free from scripts and staged scenes.

Creative Concept: Grandparent Getaways: Bucket List Adventures in Singapore:

This campaign flipped the script on traditional influencer trips. We flew grandchildren and their tech-savvy grandparents to Singapore, where they co-created personalized itineraries on the fly. Grandkids challenged their elders with zip lines and trendy hotspots, while grandparents surprised everyone with a newfound adventurous spirit. This intergenerational exploration unveiled hidden interests and transformed bucket-list dreams into reality.

Capturing the Real Deal: Authenticity Reigns Supreme:

Authenticity remained paramount in our production setup. Our crew discreetly captured every moment, reality TV-style, with videos shot vertically for platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Content Made to Drive Bookings and Empower Kreators:

Each Kreator received a unique promo code that was embedded in all the videos. This not only provided their followers with a discount but also allowed us to track the campaign’s booking success. This innovative approach also compensated Kreators based on the revenue they generated, empowering and motivating them to engage with the campaign long after the trip was over.

E. Results: Viral Magic!

Our content sparked 7x higher engagement than the industry average. Our ads featuring these seasoned travelers doubled our average watch time and slashed cost-per-click costs by one-third. The content promoted a +10% uplift in searches for Singapore activities on our app and a +34% increase in campaign sales while supercharging campaign ROI by 10x compared with previous big-budget influencer campaigns. This success story demonstrates that in today’s world of content marketing, authenticity is the ultimate filter.

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