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The Drum’s Daily Briefing: Zuckerberg’s rebrand & would we be better off without ads?


By The Drum, Editorial

May 17, 2024 | 4 min read

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Mark Zuckerberg revealing Meta rebrand

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg’s makeover: midlife crisis or rebrand?

Mark Zuckerberg’s recent public appearances have sparked discussions about a possible rebrand. The Facebook CEO, known for his consistent and understated style, has been seen sporting a more casual, relatable look. This shift, whether a midlife crisis or a calculated rebrand, seems aimed at humanizing his image amid ongoing scrutiny of Meta’s business practices. Analysts suggest this makeover could be a strategic move to connect better with users and stakeholders in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Full story on TechCrunch.

Ofcom warns it will scrutinize BBC podcast ad plans

Ofcom, the UK media regulator has warned it would closely examine the potential impacts on the competitive landscape of the BBC’s proposal to introduce advertising in its UK podcasts. In particular, the regulator will study how it could disadvantage smaller, independent podcast producers. Ofcom’s scrutiny aims to ensure fair competition and uphold the BBC’s mandate to act in the public interest without leveraging its substantial funding to dominate emerging markets. Full story on MSN.

42% believe world would be better off without advertising

A recent survey revealed that 42% of Irish respondents think the world would be better off without advertising. This growing skepticism highlights the challenges the advertising industry faces in building and maintaining consumer trust. Critics argue that intrusive and misleading ads contribute to negative perceptions, while proponents emphasize the economic and informational benefits ads provide. The industry is urged to focus on transparency, creativity and consumer-centric approaches to restore confidence. Full story on AdWorld.

Streamer ad tiers reach 75% of US households

Ad-supported (and often cheaper) tiers on streaming platforms have become increasingly popular, now reaching 75% of US households, according to a recent report. This trend reflects consumers’ willingness to accept advertisements in exchange for lower subscription costs. Streaming services are leveraging this model to expand their audience base while generating additional revenue streams. The data suggests a significant shift in viewing habits, with more households opting for cost-effective ways to access content. Full story on Kidscreen.

Counterfeit cash and fake euro notes spread on social media

Authorities are warning of a surge in counterfeit cash circulating on social media platforms. Fake euro notes are being advertised and sold online, raising concerns about the ease with which counterfeit currency can be distributed. Law enforcement agencies are urging social media companies to strengthen their monitoring systems to detect and prevent the sale of counterfeit money. This issue underscores the broader challenge of regulating illicit activities in digital spaces. Full story on The Journal.

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