By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

January 30, 2024 | 2 min read

Victoria and David recreate the viral ‘we grew up very working class’ moment from their Netflix doc that took the internet by storm.

Victoria Beckham may be best known for her stint in the Spice Girls and a thriving fashion career, but what people often don’t realize about the star is her quick-witted, self-deprecating personality. When the Beckham documentary was released on Netflix months ago, one moment captivated the internet. In the clip, Victoria waxed lyrical about her working-class roots when her husband David popped his head around the corner, urging her to be more truthful.

Now, as one of advertising’s biggest nights approaches, Uber Eats and agency Special US has taken the trend one step further and enlisted the super famous married duo to appear in its Super Bowl spot.

In a teaser posted online today, the duo recreated the famous scene. “We are going to be in a little commercial,” downplays Victoria as David pokes his head through the doorway. “Be honest,” he tells her once again.

“OK, it’s a big commercial,” she admitted before getting confused as to which big sporting event it’s actually for and who will be starring in it. Who the hell is Jessica Aniston?

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