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By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

December 12, 2023 | 2 min read

The signature was created by 256,000 fans – and a little help from AI.

Since its inception in 1967, McDonald’s Big Mac has become one of the world’s most popular fast-food items. So iconic, in fact, that the burger has had an economic index named after it and a museum dedicated to its history.

Despite these impressive accolades, there is one thing that the Big Mac didn’t have that other ‘celebrities’ do – an autograph.

To remedy this, McDonald’s Sweden invited fans to create one together. 256,000 people left their contribution in the chain’s app in exchange for a free Big Mac. These suggestions have now been processed into one unique autograph.

“Our icon Big Mac doesn’t need much of an introduction – I think it’s as well-known as McDonald’s itself,” says Susanne Wahlberg, brand manager at McDonald’s Sweden.

“It’s fun that so many fans came together to create an autograph for their favorite burger. It turned out great and I think it will be much appreciated by Big Mac connoisseurs in Sweden and the rest of the world.”

Devised by Nord DDB, the autograph was facilitated by AI algorithms that created one signature based on all the submissions. Since Big Mac cannot write, the actual signing is done by a robot adapted with a 3D-printed hand just for this purpose.

Petter Dixelius, creative director at Nord DDB, added: “Normally, it is the fans who ask the star for an autograph. Because as this star is a burger, we must do the opposite. It feels like a given that Big Mac finally has its own autograph and that it is based on the fans’ own handwriting.”

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