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Artificial Intelligence Brand Purpose Whitepapers

Cutting through the hype: industry trends and how brands & agencies are responding

November 10, 2023 | 4 min read

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AAR’s latest trends report explores the realities of a changing market and how brands and agencies can take advantage of the opportunities to set up for success in 2024.

Cutting through the hype:

Cutting through the hype

The way marketers engage with customers is changing. When marketers are constantly being asked for more for less, how can they do this while also staying ahead of current trends when time is already at a premium?

In its latest report, AAR takes on five of the most pressing issues in marketing today: artificial intelligence (AI), fluidity, data, environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) and Gen Z, helping marketers cut through the hype and appreciate the opportunities available to them.

'Cutting through the Hype' is a thorough investigation of the realities of a changing market as marketers go into 2024. With interviews from 25+ leaders across marketing, including CMOs and senior marketers, agency founders, CEOs, and CSOs, the report offers a snapshot of how the market is responding to developments. What are the myths and misconceptions surrounding these trends? How to support and develop the marketing ecosystem to deliver the best possible results in light of the changing market?

Here’s a snapshot of key discussions in the report:

1. Man x Machine. The impact of AI in the marketing and agency ecosystem

AI is a hot topic of conversation across the industry. AAR tackles key areas of debate; from concerns over jobs at risk, to questions on how to use it to maximize efficiencies, and find a balance between efficiency and creativity.

2. Fluidity in marketing ecosystems in a post-Covid world

How is the agency ecosystem changing to reflect the changing workplace? And how can marketers future-proof their business and brand with this in mind? The report dives into how three companies are structuring their ecosystem for an insight into how to examine internal capabilities in order to support a fluid workforce.

3. Leveraging customer data: brand vs performance and the ‘missing’ middle

The industry has emphasized being data-led, but the dichotomy between ‘brand’ and ‘performance’ marketing, driven by agency culture and mindset, can hinder the effective use of customer data. How can marketers work to effectively leverage customer data, working towards bridging the gap between brand and performance marketing?

4. Beyond purpose: the rise of ‘conscious creativity’

Increased awareness of a company’s ‘conscience’, or at least its ESG policies, is pushing towards a future that demands sustainable and ethical approaches from agencies and partners. It’s also becoming important in attracting top talent. How critical is this for the future of the agency ecosystem?

5. Connecting with Gen Z: is a new approach required?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for Gen Z; the group is not a homogenous cohort. Leveraging young talent to take an interest-driven approach to dividing an audience is key. The report breaks down critical skills needed to tackle strategy, as well as how NOT to do it. It also takes a critical look at ‘generation-free’ marketing, and whether marketers should be considering it ‘generationally’ at all, or rather prioritizing a mindset-led approach.

The report offers an insight into how marketers can take advantage of trends to leverage opportunities, and how to manage change across the ecosystem in order to deliver the best possible results. It’s an opportunity to not only get a view of the latest shifts but to get out in front of them, so marketers can start to consider how these changes may impact people, processes, platforms, and partners in order to set up for success in 2024.

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Artificial Intelligence Brand Purpose Whitepapers

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