By Audrey Kemp | Junior Reporter

July 19, 2023 | 2 min read

It ain’t no lie: the ‘90s heartthrob has recorded a purrfect remix of the 1974 jingle with a band of cats.

“Bye bye bye?” More like, “Meow meow meow.” Launched during America’s Got Talent on July 18, Meow Mix’s new TV commercial features a remix of its classic jingle from 1974.

Not only does the spot show off the brand‘s wet food product, it also introduces viewers to the Tabby 5, a cat boy band fronted by JC Chasez of ‘NSync. In the ad, viewers experience the boy band‘s catchy harmonies, tight choreography and rain – all elements of a classic 90s-style music video.

The work marks the latest iteration of the Meow Mix Remix campaign, which reimagines the brand’s iconic tune in a wide range of musical genres, showcasing that cats don’t all sing the same song, but they all “ask for Meow Mix by name,” as the tagline goes. Previous iterations of the campaign include ‘Gatocito’ by DJ Pata Suave from 2019.

Various clips also went out across TikTok, including a Q&A-type video with Chasez, in which he gets candid about shooting the music video with his feline musical accompaniment. Another includes a TikTok duet video where he invites viewers to sing along.

The campaign was creatively led by BBH US and Publicis’ PSOne.


Creative agencies: PSOne, BBH US

Production: Smith & Jones

Editorial: White House Post

VFX: Framestore

Audio: Harbor Picture Company

Music: Human

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