By John Glenday, Reporter

May 29, 2023 | 3 min read

Accidental celebrities, people who became briefly internet famous through chance or coincidence, are being given a second bite at the fame cherry by a fruit-infused water brand.

To mark the launch of its lime-flavored drink Dash Water is bringing the unwitting stars behind some of the most viral moments from recent years to thrust them back into the ‘limelight’.

The five-part video interview series brings the likes of Guy Goma, an IT consultant mistaken for a technology journalist in a toe-curling BBC News interview, back into the public consciousness to relate their stories over a glass of wonky lime juice.

Other participants include Kevin, better known as the Whisk Guy from Come Dine With Me, made famous by a valiant attempt to insert full kitchen implements into his mouth.

If you ever wanted to know the full story behind 'the' chameleonic dress which broke the internet then Dash is your port of call to see the women who brought the optical illusion to world attention.

The curious lineup is rounded off by professor Robert Kelly, made famous by another unfortunate BBC interview, a lockdown report gatecrashed by his young child. ‘Alex from Glasto’, an instant internet star after being pulled out of the Glastonbury crowd to perform alongside rapper Dave also appears.

Dash co-founder Jack Scott said: “At Dash, we believe in taking the unexpected and making it the star of the show. This video series does exactly that – it’s been such a fun campaign to work on and we have loved bringing Dash’s fun personality out in full force.”

Each participant will be invited to share the reaction of friends and family to their unexpected popularity and whether they harbor any regrets.

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