By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

May 30, 2023 | 2 min read

Inclusion-led ad agency Weirdo is behind the promo spot for the London team.

English football club Arsenal is wrapping up the season with a positive message from its Spanish manager.

In the video, devised by creative agency Weirdo, Mikel Arteta says: “Thank you to our players, who faced the season with passion and determination. When I watch our men and women training every single day, I can feel how much they want to deliver for this football club.

“Thank you to everyone working alongside them. All together, doing what they believe is right. You cannot imagine how much it helps the players, how much belief it gives them.

“And thank you to all our supporters, everywhere. Without you, it doesn’t make any sense what we do. You are our energy, you are living the game with us. You always have been in our attitude, in our self-belief. In the demands that push each other to seek excellence.”

He goes on to say that everyone must continue to support each other, demand more and remain connected.

The spot comes as instances of racism in football dominate headlines, in particular the discrimination faced by Vinicius Jr in La Liga.

Louis Persent, the creative director and co-founder of Weirdo, said: “The horrific story of Vinicius Junior and La Liga shows that racism is still rife in football. Fortunately, on home turf, although we’re far from perfect, these types of incidents are becoming less common. And marketing has a role in football’s emerging sense of inclusion. Take Arsenal’s new home kit campaign as an example, which marks a first for football club kit launches – a film that additionally features British Sign Language.”

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