By John Glenday | Reporter

May 26, 2023 | 2 min read

The Wallace and Gromit maker’s claymation includes fourth-generation cider maker Martin Thatcher in miniature.

Cider brand Thatchers are returning to TV screens in a distinctive stop-motion style courtesy of a collaboration with revered animation studio Aardman.

The painstaking incremental filmmaking process has been employed to transport viewers to verdant Somerset for a visit to the orchards of Myrtle Farm. Embodying qualities of craft and attention to detail which distinguish the brand the multi-media campaign will run through August across television, cinema, YouTube and out-of-home.

Communicating the virtues of fermented apples the light-hearted and affectionate summer campaign surfaces the key figures behind the family business in clay, including a customary cameo by fourth-generation cider maker Martin Thatcher.

Executive creative director Nicola Roberts said: “It’s taken meticulous attention to detail from everyone involved to authentically capture and convey Thatchers’ essence... down to every tiny apple being selected and hand painted by a model maker. Every person in the process has been an expert in their field. A perfectionist.”

The West Country alliance is rounded off by Bray Leino, the agency behind the creative campaign. Keen to make an impact with their Thatchers debut the advert sports extreme attention to detail, rewarding eagle eyes and repeat views.

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