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By Amy Houston | Senior Reporter

May 22, 2023 | 4 min read

The campaign teases the start of season 2 of Prehistoric Planet.

Natural artist David Popa has worked alongside Apple TV+ to create a series of gigantic images of three iconic dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops and Hatzegopteryx.

The large-scale murals in the United States, England and Finland show the most authentic and true-to-life representation of what these incredible animals would have looked like. Each of the designs was made using natural materials, including earth pigments, ground shells, charcoal and local chalk.

On the project, the artist commented: “It was an honor to create these installations to celebrate the second season premiere of Prehistoric Planet. My goal was to bring the dinosaurs back to life by portraying them within landscapes that are indicative of their natural habitats millions of years ago and showing them as transitioning back from a fossilized state

“As an artist with a passion for nature and anthropology, it was a really exciting challenge to step into the realm of paleontology too. I hope everyone enjoys the art pieces and is inspired to learn something new about these incredible creatures as they watch Prehistoric Planet.”

Season two of the hit show begins rolling out today and will feature five episodes that transport viewers back 66m years. Oscar-winning German composer Hans Zimmer also lent his credentials to the project, creating a bespoke soundtrack for the series.

Dino - 01
Dino - 02

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Art: MTArt artist David Popa

Agency: MTArt Agency

Creative director: Peter Mountstevens @ Taylor Herring

Agency: Taylor Herring

Client: Apple+ TV

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